What is the weakest link...?

I’d welcome views on what the community would consider the weakest link in my system…

ND5-XS into a Chord Qutest and then 282 with a NAPSC and a recently serviced HiCap. Then recently serviced NAP 200 into Royd RR2s.

All Naim interconnects and speaker cable.


I certainly would not say at all your system is weak, I enjoyed a 200 for 12 years in my system with a 202 and then 282

however I would look to improve source first so may be look at that and then possibly look at the 250DR

If you have money burning a hole in your pocket, the obvious areas are the power amp or source. If you want a variety of web streaming sources, a new generation streamer (ND5XS2 or NDX2) would be nice, as well as giving you a sound uplift, and potentially changing your view on the need for/choice of separate DAC.
Do you see your Royds as keepers? If they’re in good nick, and work in your room, you may be reluctant to change them, but maybe worth thinking about.

I am not sure I would describe it as the weakest link, but when I went from nd5xs to nds it brought back the loveliness that I had with the cds2 that preceded the nd5xs. So personally I would look there first (although I actually went from 180/102/napsc/hicap To 52/250/supercap before going from cds2 to nd5xs to nds)

I agree with all good advice here. Keep the 282 as it is the strongest link. As a matter of fact it is a keeper for me. Look at the source and power amp.

Thanks everyone. I think the consensus therefore is better source? I saw a significant improvement with the addition of the qutest over the “bare” ND5.

Does anyone therefore have experience of how much a step up the NDX2 would be?

I use an NDX (not 2) and really like it, I would also add in that as an option also, unless you need the new feaures from NDX2

I am seeing a nicely balanced system Therefore must use adage source fist. Have a look at the CD player.

A better renderer might help with the Qutest. Alternatively move up to Hugo TT (or Dave!). there are several recent threads that may have useful info around the subject of source options - try these for starters:

At the other end, how good are the speakers? Do you love them to bits (or rather, how they sound)? I’m unfamiliar with them, but it might cost a bit to better them if they do suit you.

Having recently auditioned a Qutest with and without M Scaler, of all the possible upgrade options, I would recommend a listen to what a Chord M Scaler can do to the performance of your system. I found it to provide a quite startling upgrade to the Chord Qutest.

Hope this helps, BF

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