What is this DIN>DIN Tape Cable?

Hi, y’all. I recently purchased a secondhand Headline with NAPSC. Seriously great little amplifier. Anyway, the Headline doesn’t have RCA inputs or the installed DIN cable, but instead has a 5DIN input installed (see below).

The interconnect it came looks an awful lot like your normal 5DIN>5DIN interconnect; however, after stupidly trying a couple other 5DIN interconnects, which produced no sound, I realized this special cable was maybe the all-DIN version of a 5DIN>4RCA cable.

Has anyone ever seen one of these? I have yet to see it listed or mentioned anywhere. Per the last owner, the amp was serviced by Naim, who I presume also installed the input, but I really don’t know. Any insight? BTW the green directional band has “NA-93” on it.

It will have 3 pins connected to take the output from the preamp rather than all 5 to act as input as well.
The green band number is to identify who made it at the factory.


So it’s just a standard 180 DIN>DIN customized with those specific pins activated and the two IN channels deactivated? Interesting.

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That is the ID of the person that made it (as @robert_h says). Now you know… :thinking:

Not A Part Number.

The lead could be a fully wired (using all 5 pins) lead - or it could be a Tape Output (only) lead. Either will work in this application. But… a normal DIN input (only) lead will not… :expressionless:

Know Your DIN Pins.

If it came with the Headline it could well be a modified Naim interconnect with the REC pins connected at the amp end, as opposed to the normal PLAY pins.

I’ve seen a few of these Headlines done with a DIN input - IIRC @kuma of this parish uses one like that.


Thanks for the knowledge, everyone! Was asking in case I ever needed to replace it, in which case it’s sounding like it would be a custom job.

Or a fully wired 5 pin both ends will always work. On the headline end, the 2 pin holes on the left of the socket aren’t connected to anything.


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