What is this screw for?

I just received a Flatcap XS that was added as a sweetener to a listing for a Nait XS3. The price I paid was a fair one for just the Nait. The Flatcap was purely a bonus.

I heard something rattling around inside so opened it up and found this screw

. Is it important?

I presume you can’t see where it came from?

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It looks like it’s supposed to go through that silver colored part and connect into a shallow socket on the underside of the casework to help hold it in place. However, I don’t see how you could actually screw it in because the casework would almost be fully shut for the screw to line up with the socket.

Do you not screw it up from underneath, with a long screwdriver?

Somebody from Naim staff may be able to advise. Not sure which person though :slightly_smiling_face:


The alloy bracket has a mark where a washer has been but there is nothing for it to screw into. :thinking:

Put it in a tiny grip seal bag, tape it inside the case, and when you or someone in the future gets it serviced, I’m sure it will get put back where it’s supposed to go.


Yes I think so but I don’t think you can get a screwdriver in there because the angle would be so severe

Could it be an Earth Bonding screw…? Naim have used them in the past. Several of my Olive units have them, screwed thru the outer sleeve, into the tray.

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@HungryHalibut is correct. It’s for securing the top and you use a long screwdriver through the bottom.

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So the lid has a spacer/collet where the alloy bracket is, hence the mark.

I believe that is correct. I bought a Flatcap2 years ago and when it arrived you could hear something rolling around in it. When I opened up the case you could see the screw and washer

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Ahhh okay. That would explain another piece of the unit’s design.

Screw the screw into underside of the case lid. (Just a little).

Remove the plastic plug in the base.

Slide the lid forwards so the screw fits into the slot in the bracket.

Insert a torx driver into the hole in the base.

Tighten the screw.


If I remember correctly you put the screw loosely in place then slide it into the bracket then tighten with a long screwdriver through the hole in the bottom.




Great minds. :blush:


Thanks guys!

As others have indicated here, it appears to be the part of the screw that locates the centre-front of the case lid. The Magnesium Zinc is relatively soft so the screw just bites into that. Be careful though. If you over-tighten then you can actually end up dimpling the case top.


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