What is this transit pad for?


My vintage Naim CD2 originally came with 3 transit screws as well as transit packing pad (see attached) that looks like going into the tray but not sure how to put this in.

Does anyone know how to put this pad inside CD Tray?

The warning message is strongly suggest to put this otherwise can cause serious damage during transit.

Thank you very much in advance.

The pad is to brace the mech inside the tray. I’ll see if I can find a picture of one in place…

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Thank you. I thought that it is to hold laser or spindle tight but could not figure out how to put this. It does not seem to fit tight any angle that I tried. (scratch my head)…

Here you go, an old image from the forum…



Thank you very much, Richard. It helped to figure out and here is the photo after inserting the protection pad.

Hope this is helpful someone like myself who is novice in Naim gears when they move their gears in the future.


Perhaps retitled and pinned @Richard.Dane ?

I’ll make a dedicated FAQ post. @decomo, are you ok, if I repost your picture of the packing piece in place?

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No Problem at all. Thank you.

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And apologies, sincere apologies, I’m not assuming you won’t know this but I’d kick myself if I didn’t at least mention this and it just got overlooked with all the distractions we deal with - please don’t leave the puck on the tray if you are shipping the machine. It’s years since I moved mine but I think it has a space in the packing foam.

Really sorry if teaching grandmother to suck eggs etc.


Thanks OP and Richard - I don’t have that pad with my CD2 (bought secondhand, though it came back from repair without one either). I’ll set about getting one.

No, it’s good advice. I ‘lost’ a puck inside my CD player once, when I moved from London to Brighton. I managed to get it out again, after a bit of ‘shoogling’ the player, but it was a schoolboy error not to remove the puck in the first place.

I bought a secondhand CD3 that was “broken” - in fact all that had happened was that the platter had dropped on the CDM9 spindle (a common fault with the CDM9) and once snapped back into place it has been rock solid for many years since. I did wonder though about the rattling going on inside, so I opened up the lid and lo and behold a bunch of clamps dropped out!


Well worth mentioning. I bought a second hand Naim CD player once (eBay) and on arrival couldn’t find the puck but could hear something loose inside the player.

I opened it up and found not one but two pucks inside, I guess the first time it happened the buyer of the machine had simply bought another puck?

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Great point. The transport pad has sticker on it and it states that the packing pad must be in place and remove disc clamp before transportation. I removed mine when I placed the pad earlier today and put into another plastic bag so not too lose it.

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Sadly the old FAQ in the old forum archive tends to get a bit forgotten these days. I did manage to save the old image though (of what I suspect is your hand), as all the old images were stripped from the old posts.

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