What is your favorite John Hiatt?

I was counting up our John Hiatt’s tonight and we have 19 CD’s, plus vinyl. We just bought the new one and liked it. We love The Border soundtrack as you have seen. Maybe more John Hiatt-ish, but still great. And we love Live at Cotati Caberet.

What are your favorites?

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Bring the Family - bought it when it was first released in the UK on demon records I think with this sleeve. A stellar line-up JH with Ry Cooder, Jim Keltner and Nick Lowe. Each track is a classic.




The Open Road


Don’t forget…

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For some reason or other, I’ve never bothered to listen to John Hiatt …

so, prompted by all your posts, I’m Tidalising this album right now.

My, but this is the good stuff … great shout, guys. :+1:


That is really great when someone discovers a new artist that if the world was a just place everyone should know.

John Hiatt struggled for years and albums to get recognition. Bring the Family was the start of a run albums that finally gave him his dues.

His earlier years are best summed up on a compilation called Y’all Caught which has the wonderful track Riding with the King.


Yes Dave :grinning:
Bring The Family is one of my desert island discs. The more you play it, the more you love it. :grinning:

Now try the rest !


The Best Of

Bring The Family

Little village - Little Village, their only album


The song, It Hasn’t Happened Yet.

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Little Village, what a band!

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Fully agree. As per an earlier topic, Bring the Family is in my top 20 albums and the song Tip of my Tongue is one of my main reference tracks. I don’t know too much of his other stuff but I always investigate his work with Ry Cooder. If anyone wants to check out Mr Hiatt, “Family” is certainly the best place to start. I confess to being a little disappointed with the Little Village album when it came out after the highs of Bring the Family.

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Hiatt Comes Live at Budokan is my favourite, you have to give this a listen if you have not heard it. I’ve seen him live twice, he’s the real deal.


Ordered Budokan at your suggestion.

Also ordered Live from Austin TX. Might want to check it out. The sets are the same songs pretty much, with the same band, except the Austin City Limits seems to be from a single event in Dec 1993, while the Budokan is from several shows in 1994.

You are turning me into a completist.

The Budokan title is a spoof it was not recorded at the Japanese venue just JH having a bit of fun.

My favorite (at the moment)… and late to the party once again…

John Hiatt - Terms of My Surrender

Released in 2014 and was John’s twenty-second studio album with a fantastic collection of songs and musicians backing up John on the album.

John Hiatt (Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals), Doug Lancio| (Banjo, Guitar, Mandolin), Nathan Gehri| (Bass), Jon Coleman (Keyboards), Brandon Young (Vocals) and Kenneth Blevins (Drums, Percussion).


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