What is your main source and why do you like it the most?

Hi everyone!

I’m in a transition between ND5 XS and NDS right now, waiting for 555PS to arrive before I power up! I’ve got an LP12 which I adore. But I’ve been using the ND5 XS the most out of convenience plus I love internet radio. It’s not my favourite source but I use it the most!

Just sold CDS2 which I loved as well. I can’t justify it with the NDS about to go live.

I’m interested in what the guys on this forum find. What’s your favourite source, what do you use the most and why? Or maybe you switch between 2 or 3 sources and enjoy the mix of them all!

Many thanks.


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Ultimately my Xerxes is my preferred front-end, vinyl just seems so organic. But my CDS3 is superb and as is also my Nat 05. However, Muso Qb gets an awful lot of use.




Thanks @LindsayM. Turntables are so natural and organic. So hard to beat! Feel more involved with the process of putting a record on as well. I felt that my CDS2 sounded almost as good as the LP12. Very natural sound as well!

I love all three of my sources but I use my NAT05XS least, followed by my RP8 and my Hugo 2 most.


CDS3 is my main source and the only one used for the bigger room. A UQ2 gets an lot of use in the office for internet radio, followed by vinyl in the same office room. The CDS3 is the better source and also the easiest to use.


Records, they sound better.


Good Evening All,

I’ve just made a posting in the thread about what makes an audiophile recording and then noticed this thread had started.

OK so I’m recently returned to listening to music via my system in the last two months after a 19 year gap.

The system right now is an LP12/ Akurate Radikal/ Keel/ Ekos MkII & Krystal (very soon to be Urika II’d), this is coupled with a Karik III/ late Numerik and a Akurate DS/3 Catalyst streamer.

Amplification is a NAC82 c/w Supercap, SNAXO 3-6 c/w HicapDR into 3off NAP250’s driving Isobariks.

This will very shortly be improved by the addition of a NAC52 and a further Supercap which will replace the Hicap DR powering the SNAXO.

There is no intention to do much more on the amplification front for the foreseeable future.

Streaming was almost unbeknownst to me 2 months ago and I then had a listen to a Klimax DS/3 Catalyst and was pretty well stunned as to what it was capable of and was kind of thrown a ‘curved ball’ as our American friends would put it.

Now I have the cheaper cousin of the Klimax it is still pretty good by any standard.

As a result of listening to music examples as quoted in the other thread I am faced with a further conundrum.

The Karik III/ Late Numerik combination in itself is much better than the early Karik/ Numerik set-up I had - surprisingly so if I am to be honest.

I have been able to listen to tracks off Peter Gabriel’s ‘So’ as follows:-

  1. LP12
  2. Karik/ Numerik
  3. as a ripped CD via the DS/3 with SO
  4. as a ripped CD via the DS/ 3 without SO
  5. as a Hi-Res file via Tidal via the DS/3 with SO
  6. as a Hi-Res file via Tidal via the DS/3 without SO

Talk about a bewildering choice and I am going to have to return to it as I’m not convinced I was able to pin the absolute winner down as I have to make sure I’ve heard it as 192kHz FLAC download!!!

Listening to Carmen Gomes ‘Don’t you Cry’ on Friday evening, as a 192Khz FLAC download via the DS/3, was literally ‘transformatory’!

Having listened to the Chris Jones’ ‘Roadhouse & Automobiles’ as a 192kHz FLAC and and now having the vinyl version the jury is still out!!

One thing is becoming very obvious to me with regards to a number of the vinyl LP’s I currently own and that is that I simply can’t play them as they just way too disappointing.

I have now bought all three of the Civil Wars LP’s - The Civil Wars is hardly a technical ‘tour de force’, Barton Hollow is better and ‘Live at Eddie’s Attic’ probably best. These two i.e. Joy Williams and John Paul White, deserved far more than this.

Let’s turn to London Grammar, Hannah Reid can sing there is no doubting that, do ‘they’ really need to put her through reverb on every track???

I’m paying say £20 each time for stuff I simply can’t play as it annoys me so much.

Against this I have such as Tidal at £20 a month. I don’t have any problem with the musicality of the DS/3.

I am pre-committed to the Urika II upgrade.

Where do I go from here. An Ekos SE is £4,000, the Kandid £3,210 to get a top of the range LP12 or spend not a lot more and get a UBG Klimax DS/3 (and yes I know there’re other manufacturers).

I am going to have to be very, very picky about what I spend £20 a time (or more) on vinyl or take the easiest route and go down the streamer route.

For now I’m going to sit on the fence and use Tidal to help me decide on any further vinyl purchases as I believe the Urika’d LP12 will undeniably have the edge on the streamer, but it is close.




Hi Richard,

I’d love to upgrade my Lp12. I bought it about 2 years ago. Had it Lingoed! , the bearings on the the tone arm were shot so had Audio Origami transform the Akito with new bearings and silver wiring.

Want to upgrade it to at least Kore, possibly Keel which will mean tone arm upgrade, radikal and so on.

It’s alot of money and my tendency is to want it all now.

I’ve focused on amplification, power supplies and the streamer for the last 12 months. Now I’m happy with that no doubt my attention will turn to the source. The beautiful, soul driving LP12!


There is just something about playing a record, holding it, placing it etc and having the cover to read/ogle at…then there’s the sound! Warm, dynamic, ‘organic’ as has been said. Love the whole darn thing.

No surprise then that my favourite source is, and tbh has always been, my LP12/Ittok, and even more since recently Keeled and Lingo4’ed…can’t wait to experience the Ekos SE/Kandid addition in a couple of months :slight_smile:


Makes me feel jealous in a good way. Would love Keel and Ekos. Listening to Led Zep 2 on LP12 sounds so damned good!



I don’t have LZ2 but I do have an original LZ3 and it sounds like an elephant is sitting on it when I play it.

It sits between the speakers and has no ‘height’ - I believe the technical phrase is compressed?

LP’s like Suzanne Vega’s first LP or John Hiatt’s ‘Bring the Family’ proves that somebody can (could??) still do a decent job in contrast.



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Why the Lingo 4 rather than the Akurate Radikal if you don’t mind me asking?




I know what you mean about wanting it all now. SWMBO sanctioned a degree of expenditure given nothing has been spent for 19 years.

I now need to focus on selling stuff having reached where I want/ need to be.



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Led zep 2 probably sounds the same. A little rough and ragged round the edges but kicks ass! The bass is so deep on the lp12 compared to digital. So organic and real!

Radikal would be my next step for power supply. Currently have Lingo 1 !

My main source is the FM tuner followed by vinyl records. What is nice with FM is that as soon as there is some technical progress in the digital domain, the radio station will adopt the new technology so you immediately hear the sound enhancement for free as long as you have a proper FM tuner.


My favourite source is my Gyrodec because of the pleasure of playing records and the memories invoked when I look at some records and recall buying them when I was in my teens.

My most used source however is my nDac (via Roon), I often work while playing music so it’s just a lot more convenient than flipping records every 30 minutes. I tend to buy CDs cheaply and rip them using a Mac. The only streaming service I subscribe to is Spotify and that’s just for use when mobile (and with the Sonos stuff around the house)

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As I found out down at Cymbiosis listening to the Chris Jones album on vinyl in the listening room there was ‘good’ bass evident. Listening to the same tracks on the Klimax DS/3 with and without SO in operation strongly suggested that a percentage of the bass I was enjoying was resonance/ bass boom.

As I have said it was a transformational listening session, one which had me questioning not so much my ears but the impact of the listening environment in a way I hadn’t had the equipment (SO) to do so previously.

I have already seen (that should probably be heard) the difference between SO V1 and SO V2 and I do prefer the latter.



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My 2 sources are CDS 2 and 01 tuner - 01 is my most used source and thus my favorite source- they both sound wonderful with my kudos Titan 88s.
Fortunately where I am located I have several good FM stations


  1. Allo DigiOne Signature (my music collection and occasionally a little bit of internet radio).

  2. Sony TV (mainly DCH, Youtube, Fidelio, Operavision).

  3. Oppo UDP-203 (mainly DVD and Blu-ray disks).

  4. Chromecas Audio (mainly for Idagio internet streaming, currently not in use).

The sources are connected to a Naim DAC via S/PDIF (optical for 2 and 4, electrical for 1 and 3).