What is your Upgrade Recommendation?

My Current System:

  • NDX 2 with USB connected disk
  • NAC 282
  • NAP 200
  • SL2

upgrade budget: around 5K Euro

what would you change?
thanks for all your ideas!

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Assuming you are powering the 282 via the 200 then a HiCap DR is the obvious choice.

SL2’s deserve better than a 200 so a 250DR should be on the roadmap but you can’t do that until you have the 282 independently powered.

If you can find used items then both will be doable within budget with some money over to allow you to save for an XPS DR for the NDX2 :slight_smile:


Hicap dr plus 250dr on the previously owned market.


We don’t know about room size, your tastes, cables and so on, but in principle I’d vote the same way.

First, Hicap. You can get an older one, serviced in the last decade or so, to help the budget.

Second, 250. 250DR beats 250.2, but costs more. The real s/h bargains are older ‘olive’ 250s (if serviced in the last decade or so), but they may not suit you.

Third, if you have enough spare cash, look for an XPS for the NDX2 - I have one and it made for a worthwhile uplift. Judged purely on sound quality, I’d rather have (a) an old olive Hicap and olive 250 with NDX2 and XPS than have (b) a newer 250DR and HicapDR with no XPS for the NDX2, but that’s no so clear-cut and others may disagree.


Based on my last upgrade, I’d say 2 subs :sunglasses:. They made the biggest impact on my system so far, everything I ever imagined about having the sound as close as live in my living room has come true. Overall, I’d say the impact is similar, if not more, to adding in the same time both the Superlumina (Full Loom) and the 555DR.
Now, you may say that the impact is that big because I already have the SL and the 555DR in place, so adding 2 subs make the best out of an (almost) maxed out system.

Another vote for a 250 DR and HiCap. Secondhand they should be relatively good value and provide a real upgrade especially considering the quality of your speakers.


I suspect the 250’s ability to drive your SL2s will sway you in that direction, preceded by the addition of a Hicap as discussed. If that wasn’t the case my choice would be to add either a PSU or DAC upgrade to the NDX2, as I honestly believe that a pair of SL2s driven by Naim separates deserves it.

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Of all the changes I’ve done, the HiCap was the biggest difference. 250 came later for me, and was smaller

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