What level of attenuation? Chord 2Qute into Nait 1

I’ve just connected my newly acquired Nait 1 to the Chord 2Qute DAC that handles the computer output in my study. As this is near-field listening the volume isn’t very high at all. In fact, I barely need to move it from the end stop.

I reckon that I’d be better off with an attenuated cable (like those offered by Flashback). Any idea what level of attenuation would be suitable? They offer 6, 10, 15 or 18dB.

Thanks for the help!

I have 15dB into my Naim-2, if I was doing it again I would go for something like 18 or even 20dB
I was not impressed with any of the DIN cable offering, so I designed & made my own.

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I found it bad enough dealing with the 2.1V output on my NDX into a Naim preamp, never mind the 3V of the 2Qute. I’m sure an attenuated cable would help, although possibly with a small sacrifice in sound quality.
Another option would be to trade the 2Qute for a Hugo and set its variable output to a usable level, or maybe a Qutest set to its lower 1V level.


That combination works well. I had a Qutest here for a while with my Nait 1. It gave plenty of range on the volume control at the 1V setting.


but he owns a 2qute which has no such volume control

Exactly, hence the various suggestions if the OP didn’t want to go down the attenuated cables route…

The Qutest route might be a possibility, but at a cost of £600+ a little too rich after having just shelled out for the Nait.

As a temporary measure, I’ve reduced the level of the computer output from 100% to 60% - that moves the listening level further round the dial and comfortably away from the end stop. I don’t know whether this has an impact on sound quality - I haven’t really listened properly yet.

Not much help to Gavin with his 2qute but I have just purchased a Qutest feeding my Nait 2 and as Chris / James pointed out above with the Qutest set to 1v there’s plenty of play on the Nait volume.

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