What made you start a thread on downsizing?

Asking for a friend


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If I recall correctly the trigger for my thread was because in the thread I referenced it had been suggested that many or increasingly people were downsizing, which surprised me because downsizing is not something that I have ever contemplated, for home or system. And for as long as I can hear and appreciate the difference I certainly won’t contemplate a reduction in sound quality, so definitely no downgrading (size is actually irrelevant - if I could get the same sound quality smaller at no net cost then I would go for it).

‘Cos I’m inexperienced in the world of Naim and look to my betters to guide me.

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What made you react in a thread about starting a thread on downsizing?

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Lol, its Friday evening and I’m having a post prandial glass of my current favourite red, browsing the interweb.

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