What now for 272 owners?

I just wondered what other 272 owners thought about the latest announcement from Naim. I was really hopeful that it was going to be an up-to-date streaming pre-amp so I was really disappointed.

Whilst it’s great to see new product lines I can’t help thinking that a tiny percentage of the R & D for a brand new turntable would have sorted out a new streaming pre-amp and kept lots of existing customers happy.

Maybe it’s not good business sense to replace the 272 when people are giving up the wait and buying three boxes to replace just the one. I certainly won’t be doing that but options with Naim are very limited so I feel the need to look elsewhere.


Those waiting for the Naim turntable waited 50 years. So we’ll have to wait some more. 40-45 years left. Hang in there!


If you’re itching for a Naim pre streamer and want one with the latest streaming engine now, then I suggest you go and take a listen to the Atom HE. You may be very pleasantly surprised.

Otherwise, hang in there a bit longer. Who knows what might come along in future…



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Correction: 2 (two) boxes . You need two.


Streamer + pre-amp + power supply makes three boxes. Unless I’m missing something.

The PS for the 272 :slight_smile:

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Whilst I can see some merit in using the Atom HE as a replacement, especially if you use headphones (which I don’t) and it could sound better than a 272 without a power supply. I very much doubt it would be a match for a 272 with a power supply. Also, I think it is a bit of a cul-de-sac product, as you cannot upgrade the Atom HE in the same way you can with something from the classic series by adding a power supply. That being said, I will go and have a listen to an Atom HE at some point but I doubt it would sound any better than my Star acting as a pretend 272 with the 250DR. I think I will wait for a bit longer, but there will come to a point where I have to reluctantly look elsewhere for a streamer-pre amp that offers an upgrade to my current system without the multiple additional boxes a 282/NDX2 and power supply(s) front end would need, potentially a 5 box system rather than just the 3 plus turntable that I am aiming for.


I think you referred to substitute the n272.
That’s the source and pre ( in one?)
You don’t “need” to change the amp in order to upgrade
(Nor necessarily include a PS)

I’d need a power supply for a stand alone pre-amp.

That would stay on any replacement source - such as an NDX 2.

I was just kidding that you’d have 2 boxes for the 272 anyway.

Depending on the model?
I.é.: nac202 can be powered from the preamp inputs of the NAP 155 XS or NAP 200 power amplifier

Ok - you win. I could change everything and come down a few steps of the ladder. That’s not really the point though.

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No sir. My bad: didn’t see you’re bio ( current system)
I have read you’re post quick and didn’t associate.

Congrats on your combo


Same here. A bit disappointed by the announcement, although I can understand the enthusiasm of TT lovers.

I’m currently still happy with my 4-box setup (272/555PS/300DR). I don’t want anymore boxes, and I won’t even consider the Atom HE, simply because I want to be able to reuse the (£6k) PS with the 372 (or whatever it’s name will be if it’s ever released).

I’m happy to wait further, but am really puzzled by the time it is taking Naim to come up with a replacement of what has been a blockbuster product, and therefore with clearly high demand, while they have been spending 2 years of R&D on a TT most probably far fewer people were hoping for?


That’s my situation too. It’s very much a first world problem for us - but frustrating none the less.


I had an interesting wait yesterday morning for the announcement at lunchtime (Aussie time). Had they announced the ‘372’ I think I would have ordered one to fit in with my 250DR and 555DR PS; a nice neat and easy option. The alternatives were an available new 252/Supercap and NDX2 - again a safe and balanced upgrade, albeit one that would have fed my version of upgraditis. My third option was an ND555, also bizarrely available new off the shelf.

I chose the ND555, which arrives later this week to feed the N272 a new rich diet; a not-so-simple or balanced option that will bring me instant functionality, free me from reliance on Audirvana, and hopefully give an instant lift to SQ. I am not under any illusion that this is a balanced system, or that orthodoxy will allow me to be ‘done’ - I just have to save up for a 552, and then I’m done. The 250DR works really well for me in my space with my speakers, so for me its one more purchase to the finish line…


Naim have pretty much said that the replacement is coming, but it does seem a hell of a long time coming. The new streamers have been out a good few years now. I was a very happy 272/555/300 owner but last year decided to downsize an simplify a bit. I sold the 272 and the 300 and kept the 555, and bought an NDX2 and SN3. The new platform streamer is lovely to use and a streaming preamp with the new platform has a huge appeal. Four boxes was enough for me and six was out of the question. I’d hang in there a little longer, but the question of course is how much longer that needs to be.

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This is becoming hugely tempting, although I’ve already sold the 272 and replaced it with a 252+SC and an ND555. 6 boxes stacked up is a bit ridiculous, 2 x 3 isn’t an option in that room and the idea of downsizing back to 3 boxes is becoming ever more appealing.

Can I ask how you find the SN3 compared the 300? That’s my clincher tbh, I could live with an NDX2 in place of a 555 so it’s really just the amp. Does it have depth and bass control that’s comparable enough to a 300? Thanks.