What pre-amp/power supply would work best with a NAP200 power amplifier?

Just started with Naim after years in the wilderness - bought a dac v1 and nap100 for desktop system in my office and it’s great! Have the chance to pick up a NAP200 which is the best preamp/power supply route NAC 152 or NAC202?

Naim Uniti Atom HE - that’s what I use with my Nap 200.


Welcome Simon!

I have a NAC152XS with my NAP200DR. It’s good. A NAC202 would be better. A NAC282 better still. (edit: All three preamps will also work with your NAP200, and in the same order of betterment. Strange word, hope I didn’t just make that up!)

The assumption within my statements above, is that a suitable level of source is used in each case.


I have a NAC 282 with NAP 200 DR. Initially without HiCap DR, then added HC thereafter. Both configurations are excellent, only more so with HC.


I had 202/200 and then 202/NAPSC/HiCapDR 2x Power Lines and a 200 (Non DR) with Power Line. VERY VERY good system to my ears. Not 500 level but still an incredible listen and one I would be very happy to own again.


I have been running a NAC N 172 into a NAP 200 for a while. Works great. A NAC N 272 would be a betterment step up for the front end. Heaps of these available out there.

A NDX2 with a NAC 202 increases the betterment factor, throw in power supplies and now we’re in betterment overdrive.

Go a NAC 282 with more power supplies and I believe we’ve reached peak betterment for the NAP 200.

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Just a note, this forum is not the best place to visit if you want to use your money for frivolous things like food, shelter and saving for a better future. Lots of us live rough, and sleep under cardboard sheets. But our hifi systems are really nice


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The obvious choice is the NAC202 but a NAC152 model will be fine and sound good. Although a very good combination is a NAC122X plus NAP200. The NAC122x punched way above its weight and combines well with the NAP200 and I would say sounds better than the NAC152.

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If previously owned then nac 152 at 450 pounds or nac 202 at 750-800 pounds. 202 every time.

If you can be patient and save, then either a nac 82 or the 282 plus a hicap will be a lovely combination with the nap 200.


First off you should make sure you know the history of the 200. Budget for a recap/service if it hasn’t had one, the service interval is around 10 years and there are plenty of older units out there.
I would go for a 202 (or a 282 if you can stretch the budget) even if you need to delay buying a Hicap to power it while your finances recover. The 200 will do a reasonable job of powering the preamp, especially if it’s the more recent 200DR.


Nac 282 is a sweet spot for Naim but 202 will perform better than the 152 in most cases.

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Thanks guys for all your help - it’s most appreciated - I think I may go for the 202 if funds allow - Rest of system comprises if anyone interested - Gyro SE/TechnoArm/Ortofon 2M Black - Musical Fidelity phono stage - MF Pre3A - MF M6PRX into Monitor Audio Gold200 speakers. I also have a MF Encore Connect used purely as a source into a Rega DAC - MF X10v3. Strange combination I know - but Encore direct into PRX to fierce! Again thanks for the help.

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So what do you have now if you don’t mind me asking?

If you click on his name you can open his profile and see, it’s all listed, assuming it’s up to date.


Notice the NAT01 &NatST

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Cheers for that - I didn’t know - silly newbie!

Hi chaps - another question - how would a NAC 122 with a FLATCAP compare to a NAC 202 without?

The answer would depend, in part, on the power amp you used. The quality of the preamp PSU built into the Naim power amps varies, the best possible option being the 200DR.

I have heard both and for me the NAC122x with a flatcap XS was slightly better than a NAC202 powred from the NAP200. That was non-DR though. It is worth listening to both.

Price-wise 2nd hand it works out a similar price NAC122X plus Flatcap or NAC202 on its own. It is a considerably cheaper option than a new or used NAP200DR.

An advantage of a flat cap 2 or XS is that there is a 2nd output you can use if you have a CD5 or wish to use.improve a stageline phono stage for example.

yes - thanks for that - I was thinking along similar lines - I can afford to get the 122 & 200 now - and then add a power supply upgrade when funds allow - brilliant!