What’s in the box?

I am lucky enough to be trading in my 282 for a brand new 252 later this week! I have kept all the original packaging but due to some space issues I had to break down one or two of the Naim boxes (the 282 being one). Now I want to return the 282 as “original” as possible so does anyone remember what was in the original box or does anyone know where I can find out?
I tried searching for unboxing videos but no success…
Thanks for any tips!

Napsc. Mains lead. Remote. Two link plugs - a round one and one with a paddle. Cover for powered Aux 2 socket. Instructions.

You can find out what’s in the box here:

Great - thanks a lot! Not too complicated. I don’t remember the NAPSC having a box but I assume it must have had something…

Thanks Richard - very useful link.

At least my memory wasn’t failing me. Good to know.

May be do the link in faq? The old forum did

It is indeed a useful link. There was a “new other” NAT05 XS on eBay about a year ago and the seller was asking £1200 plus for the unit. It was over-priced and there was no mention of accessories. When I sent a question the seller said the mains lead was included but the interconnect and remote were each £100 extra. He/She claimed they weren’t supplied with the unit from new.

From the serial number I could see the unit was a very early NAT05 XS, although claimed to be new it was about 4 years out of warranty even if sold by a dealer which this person wasn’t. So I didn’t pursue it.

It was withdrawn a week or two later.



I’m hoping that somebody at Naim can update the list so we can have a newer one on here as well as the old one in the archive.

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It’s possible to buy a 282 with or without the NAPSC. If included, it just sits in a cutout in the internal cardboard packaging, not in a separate box.

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