What’s my best option

I have a Lumin T2 and Naim xs2 at present , I recently changed my Av to a Marantz and the remote codes for both amps conflict resulting in the Marantz amp changing both volumes and other commands , as a work around I have connected the Lumin through the Av connection in the Naim and use it as a power amp using the Leedh volume control in the Lumin , have I any other options and is the way I have connected at present the best way

Not sure if any of your equipment allows for the remote to be “switched” to a second channel for this very reason. If so, each would be on a different “channel” and not interfere with each other.

Hi , contacted Marantz and new models do not allow this option which is frustrating

I had similar issues with a best-available-at-the-time Marantz AV pre a few years ago. Traded the Marantz for high-end Denon. Problem solved.

Crude but effective solution. (I was disappointed in the Marantz from a pure-performance perspective, so did not disqualify only for the remote.)


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Thanks for your reply, I am more than happy with the Marantz , I have found a big difference in using the Lumin as a pre amp and the leedh volume control , I was more looking for the best way the connect the Lumin and amp and if the av option was the best one

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