What’s next

Hi guys just a quick question… just wondering what my nx (reasonably priced) upgrade should be?

Power lines instead of the power line lites
Full fraim instead of the fraim lite…
Acoustic plinths under the speakers (already got Gaia’s so not sure this is really going to be an upgrade)


Power cables first, IMO.

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Dedicated mains.

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I had a powerline on my amp last week and powerline lite took the powerline lite off fairly quick try before you buy.

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I’ve got a single feed from the board on its own breaker to two MK silver plated switches.

Was the powerline a noticeable improvement

Yes it is all you need is to demo one at home and you will hear the difference it will improve everything soundstage clarity more deeper bass.

Did you have the ndx2 on an xps before the 555?
I’m so tempted to take the plunge… is it really that much of an upgrade?

I bought a brand new 555dr 5 weeks ago had xps2 and the improvement is huge every aspect of the sound field is much better it’s worth every penny.

Sorry, I can’t help there. I’ve only ever used it with the 555, other than by itself briefly to see what the 555 does. The 555 does rather lend a magic to anything it’s connected to.

Yes I can imagine… I listen to it on its own for a few weeks then bought a TP ps…( which made it worse) then finally bought an xps 2 which made a great uplift (when warmed up)

You have a very well balanced system. What @hungryhalibut said, dedicated radial and powerlines.

A dedicated consumer unit should make a very worthwhile difference. There are lots of posts on here with diagrams showing how it’s done.

either mains cables or fraim would be beneficial .
You’d be better ask a specialist who has experience with that sort of equipment trust him & deal with him
If buying used, first deal sourced would do
Dedicated mains, regardless

Yes I’m gonna park the powerlines for a bit and get the mains sorted…

Just sent it to a sparky for a quote…

What power cables do you recommend? 10mm :joy: they’re gonna have fun running them…

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