What’s next 🤔

Greetings, What will be the last upgrade equipment wise hopefully, for the system below, have an empty shelve :grin:, appreciate your views and advice please as usual.


Perhaps a HiCap for the SN3 or, if you’re feeling particularly extravagant, an XPS DR for the NDX2🤔


How about a dedicated pre such as a 282 to go with 250? Plus a HiCap to power it of course!


When I had a NDX2 > SN 2 > NAC A5 > ProAC D30RS system I added a XPS DR and found it to be an outstanding upgrade.

I did a home demo to be sure before buying the power supply.

Latter I added a HiCap DR to the SN 2 which was once again a lovely uplift to the system. This move also allowed me to add a NAC 282 to replace the preamp section of the SuperNait. …and a while latter traded in the SN 2 towards a NAP 250 DR. …oh, then I traded in the HiCap DR for a SuperCap DR.

Beware the upgrade path…


The most logical thing would be to swap the Supernait for a NAC332.


With your source and power amp I’d say a dedicated preamp is the way to go. It depends on budget I suppose but a 332 would be great if within budget. Failing that a used 282 / HiCap would be a nice uplift. At least you have a mixture of green and white so uniformity shouldn’t be a problem.


I would probably opt for a lightly used 252/SCDR.

Or maybe a 282/HC+XPS DR if you can fit it all on

Both great value right now


Yes, with 250NC get 332 and sell Supernait. Having heard 332 I think with your system I would go down that route. See what your dealer can do on part exchange.

252 Supercap DR will cost £5000. I reckon a 332 without 300npx may well be the way forward.

See what dealer can do. Or wait for a while for used.


An empty shelf is an odd reason to buy something other than an ornament!

I note this is intended to be the last upgrade for your system: what are you hoping to achieve (other than filling a shelf)? And what budget?

If it was me, it would be the speakers I’d be wanting to improve - especially if no future upgrades, but then my demands for music replay are probably different from yours.

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Freaked me out for a second as I have the exact speakers and stands and normally when I take a photo it’s from the same angle.

HiCapDR or XPS DR would be my next step if I was you. (I have both and they are amazing). However HH is right, the most logical step would be to swap the SN for the NAC332. This is also my long term plan…


Thank you all for your valuable advice, As @HungryHalibut @Steve57 & @marcusman suggested for NAC 332 I was also thinking of going for the same preamp but honestly was disappointed to see the change in the SIC capacitors and also needed validation on my plan as I can buy only new as there is no market for used equipment here and purchase from any site used is a huge risk. One of the dealer has a new Hi Cap DR when he was carrying naim (now no more) is giving in a discount but as in future I may replace the SN3 so that will be a loss long term. Is anyone had a demo of nc250 connected to a bare nac 332 and what are their thoughts, it will greatly help to take the decision.

Thank you @Innocent_Bystander just a while ago I have upgraded my speakers, however which speakers do you suggest.

I’m curious about this as well our speakers are no slouches. Maybe some K6 signatures? lol.

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I have exactly the same speaker stands (this is the first pic on the Forum I’ve seen of them apart from mine) but I’ve got a pair of ATC SCM 19’s on them. I’d recommend them if you’re thinking of going the speaker upgrade route.

It was the chaps at ATC who recommended the Atacamas to me after the previous incumbents collapsed under the weight of the ATC heavy mob.


I believe @GeoffC was using an SN2 or 3 plus Hicap as a preamp into a 250DR, then swapped the SN/HC for a 332. He seems delighted with it. As you have a NC 250 it should be even better, as you can use the balanced connection.

I really wouldn’t worry about what’s inside the 332, it’s what it sounds like that matters.


I can’t really suggest speakers as taste is so personal, and speakers sound so different from one another, far more so than any other component. My personal preference is for transmission line designs, for which PMC is the main manufacturer and has been for a good few years, though others include Kerr Acoustics and Castle. For me speakers have to be full range, though checking your profile I see you use a sub - the quality and setup of that is of course part of your speaker package. and personally I like speakers to be as neutral as possible, but that doesn’t suit everyone. If you do consider speakers, secondhand or at least ex-dem maximises buying power!

It’s always worth considering how the 200 and 300 Series were defined by Naim as complete systems and how they designed them to be grown in to.
I went through a similar evolution step earlier this year, moving away from a SN3 + NDX2 to a NC NAP 250 and repurposing my existing Linn Selekt DSM to be a source/preamp.
What has been clear to me in my various New Classic listening sessions and ownership is that whilst you can mix and match between generations and Series relatively easily, the resulting system synergy can differ quite noticeably, particularly where external power supplies are concerned.
Wherever possible aim to demo the system as you intend to build it, a dealer listening room demo and ideally an extended home demo, I think you need a least a few weeks with a system to acclimatise to its abilities.
If you’re buying new from an official dealer they should have no issue supporting that step in your journey. @BackToNaim I’d encourage you to listen to and compare the NSC222 + NPX300 against the bare NAC332 + NDX2. The key interaction in my mind being between the NAC332 and NAP250 here, especially where the NAC332 is reliant on its own internal PSU. Whilst all of these combinations of components works, the synergy will differ so make an evaluation based on your needs and ears. They’re all very capable components and work well both within a range spanning Naim only system and when mixed with other vendors as I’m now living with.


Ordinarily I would have suggested a 252/SC but seeing as you already have a NC250 and a NDX2, I’d probably go with a NAC332 also.


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