What’s the difference between Tidal and Tidal Connect


The title says it all. I have no idea what the difference between standard Tidal and Tidal Connect is.

Currently I subscribe to Qobuz and I am happy with it. My current subscription lasts until November but know Tidal will hopefully stream in 24bit hires.


Understood. Thank you.

It’s a convenience, but also the Tidal app is often easier to find results of searches than from within the Naim app.


This is absolutely why Tidal Connect is great.

The Tidal app is slick with a good UI. It offers easy searches and linkages between artist/album, plus related artists, contributors etc.

Driving Tidal from the Tidal app is a far better experience than using the naim app for Tidal.

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Just wondering if the sound quality is the same?

When I use Tidal with the Atom, the player doesn’t seem to display the file type and the quality versus if I use Tidal from within the Naim app, “FLAC etc etc” is displayed in the streamer.

Tidal Connect is just a way to control the streamer. The audio flows directly to your device in lossless FLAC format.

You can see the stream details in the naim app if you launch via Tidal Connect then open naim app

What a streamer displays when Tidal Connect is used is probably controlled under agreement with Tidal, but who knows!

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