What’s Your Best ‘Tweak’?

Your definition suits fine I think. I think a network switch is allowed but I’m also happy for other folks to also ‘self-certify’ what they consider ‘tweakery’.


A set of four sorbothane hemispheres under my Musicworks Reflex Lite mains block, on the advice of my dealer, to eliminate vibration on a wooden floor.

Does it make any difference?

Who knows, but it’s keeping me happy until I decide about the cost of moving to the Musicworks G3 block, so beloved by forum members.

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I have had these in my powercables for a while now.
Set of three at £40. AMR Gold fuse.
Would be time consuming to put back in the stock ones to hear any difference for sure, but I felt there was some improvement when I first put them in.
At moderate loudness the room seems more energised. Trousers flapping that little bit more.

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In the interest of cheap tweaks, I will state the obvious. Sitting in front of the speakers rather than listening to the music on my main system whilst cooking, working or eating in other rooms.


Large animals - cats dogs etc will have some sound absorbent characteristics, therefore judicious placement of the right animal in the right place may have a beneficial effect on sound quality. The difficulty is keeping them in the right position, and large or multiple animals in particular varying in position could have a noticeable variable effect!


I use one of these to remove reflections


i shared the cisco and finite elemente cerabases ( or isoacoustics gaia for others) as tweaks because they are not very expensive vs the whole system. But the improvement is quite box upgrade.


Free - moving the speakers around. Not free - silk curtains, sheep skins on first reflection point at floor. Really expensive - sound absorbers and bass traps.

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21 From Titan Audio in Northern Ireland , the sort of change you get when you go from a fairly cheap interconnect to a very good one. One of my favourite films is The Godfather and when I watched the other night the improvements in dialogue was very noticeable


It works very well with Atmos systems, it really sounds like it’s raining cats and dogs.

They seem like good value, what power lead are you using from block to wall?

The matching power cable from Titan.


One of those in each corner, and another lying across the floor between you and the speakers, and maybe others behind the speakers and between the speakers and side walls would probably give a very noticeable improvement is sound quality in many rooms. …But maybe not an improvement in olfactory response!


Thanks for posting about Titan products … I’m trying to arrange a home trial on the MusicWorks mains block, presently flavour of the month here on the forum, but having visited Titan’s website and done some reading, I’ve pushed the “pause” button on the MusicWorks offering.

Certainly food for thought, and I’ll sort out a home demo on your favoured brand. :+1:


A certain Leicestershire dealer seems to stock them which is always a good indicator. They look decent quality without a lot of the ‘foo’ associated with some other products out there.


£70 linear psu for my Roon NUC…epic

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Steady now !:wink:

They only work for mono - for stereo you need one of these:


Ah, the pushme-pullyou (or is it pushme-pullewe?)