What’s Your Best ‘Tweak’?

Let’s explore the outer margins of our ‘hobby’.

What’s your best ‘tweak’?

Cisco 2960 was my most unexpected and best bang for buck.



Moving the NAPSC away from other devices


cisco 2960 and finite elemente cerabases under the speakers.

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Red wine. The cheaper the better as, for the desired effect, quantity is better than quality. Certainly makes the Atom sound WAAAYYYYHEYYYYYY!!!


Probably setting up my speakers properly - for the free tweak. Getting a MusicWorks G3 block for the not so free one.

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Joining this forum


a tweak to empty our bank account?

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A hi-line on my sn3 and nd5xs2


Dedicated spur / radial.
Moving from NAS to dedicated music server.

As it happens they cost about the same.


@GraemeH from my experience

  • speaker postion and cables are laided in S shape if spare cable
  • cable dressing - a must is burndy
  • cables source cables pushed in and then slightly pulled back, and not tight
  • burndy - ensuring tight and positioned properly, taken off from time to time losended and re connected
  • Cisco 2960
  • I use Fraim so ensuring all is correct and the steel balls are sitting correctly
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Powerline Lite on my Hicap/82

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Dedicated mains, by a country mile, sounds like a black box upgrade.


Best tweak? Finding a really good Naim dealer who takes the time to listen, understand the customer and then apply a good dealer’s magic touch to help us release the best music from our collection of vinyl & cds.

Most surprisingly beneficial tweak? Isoacoustic Gaia feet under the speakers. After decades of following the “spikes are best” religion, it was a shock to hear how very much better our system sounded when the speakers were decoupled from the floor.

Best value tweak? A dedicated mains radial and Airlink balanced power supply. No more Hummmmmmmmm!


Full fat Powerline on Superuniti and then Nova


Dedicated mains and Roon. Roon - not for SQ reasons but just the ease of getting music to the different audio devices we have in our house.


power line on all components


My best tweaks have been expensive.
Putting a cuddly toy linear power supply and a Nordost Vishnu power cable in the Unitiserve has been a great tweak, but costly.
A few worthwhile tweaks that haven’t broke the bank have been…

Swapping out the house old switched wall mains sockets for MCRU silver plated unswitched ones.
Before, the soundstage seemed rather congested within the plane of the speakers.
After, a noticeable increase in both depth and forward separation.

Richard Dane recently endorsed the idea of taking out any powerstrip that uses surge protection, especially if used in the same room as the hifi. I used one for the telephone, router and device chargers but swapped it for a simple one with no lights, switches or protection.
Have noticed more consistency, less off days. A smidge more clarity.

Having my big screen and Skybox connected to my system and being within close proximity, I was plagued with little pops and clicks that happened often - even when they were put in standby and with volume turned to zero.
I figured this was an earthing issue and tried a few things, but finally banished them by putting the screen and Skybox on a Russ Andrews powerbar fed by the Unitiserve ferrite equipped powercable.

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A quality WIFI router.

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New Music…:grinning:


What is a tweak? To me it is a little fiddle, but more often than not one of multiple serial little fiddles (something I don’t do).

Surely any significant expenditure is not a tweak, but a system change/upgrade, whether that is primary audio chain boxes, their connecting cables, or ancillaries like network components. So what price cutoff is a tweak? Trivial like, say, sub £10 or £20? Or minor like, say, sub £100 or £200? (And of course in terms of money, concepts of trivial, minor etc may vary considerably from person to person).

@GraemeH please define your concept - I note from your OP clearly you include ancillary network boxes, so your idea of a tweak is different from mine!