What’s your preferred Streaming service in 2021

Spotify. No Tidal or Qobuz in Japan. Mainly play music from my Core anyway, but very much looking forward to Spotify Hifi.

I agree, but still a valid point to make!

Tidal via the Tidal app for me is a fairly awful experience. Tidal via the Naim app or the Linn Kazoo app is very much better but still not as good as the Spotify app that I remember.

However, Tidal (or Qobuz) via ROON is a total transformation and in my view significantly better than Spotify via its own app. All of my systems have ROON endpoints making connectivity to each individual system a doddle, and quite apart from the many features of ROON I could list, nothing else including Spotify could possibly integrate my music library (externally located and locally stored music) in the seamless way that ROON is able to do.

It may cost more to set up and run ROON, and Spotify may have a larger music catalogue than either Tidal or Qobuz, but this will not be enough to persuade me to switch from Tidal or Qobuz via ROON to Spotify.

Qobuz via Roon so it’s available on multiple systems and Spotify for me. Spotify for out of home use and stuff that’s not available on Qobuz as it’s a family account it’s gets used a lot by others. Also use Bandcamp a lot more recently for discovery and purchasing.

This is an area that Naim should look into, hopefully along with new Uniti Core.

My story was… Spotify (ooh streaming!) to Deezer (ooh, CD quality) to Tidal (ooh, NAIM streaming) to Qobuz (ooh, “CD quality” that sounds better than Tidals’).

Keeping an eye on Spotify (best interface - not interested in Roon).

Might be closing a big circle. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I don’t have Roon so can’t compare, but Bluenode 2i allows Play of both Amazon HD stream and local nas stream to play from the same playlist.

You guys are such bad influence. I just dropped Spotify and signed up to Qobuz. :rofl:


That is frightening, a lot of my recent purchases have been from Cohen, Cassidy and Denver who share the same thing…

I do remind myself to buy stuff from living artists

Kazoo and BubbleUPnP both do the same for mixed sources. Useful for comparisons.

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You can do the same with BubbleUPnP to stream to devices that do not natively support those options. I used it to stream to devices (a Denon and others at that time) that did not support those services. And it’s almost free (but pay about £4 for the app).

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I used to do this as well in my early days of streaming before I adopted ROON. However, ROON does an awful lot more besides and makes playback on any ROON endpoint amazingly easy. Amongst other things it is aware of the resolution limits of each endpoint and sends the highest available and compatible resolution to each device. It is similarly aware of whether or not each device supports DSD (or MQA) and if they do not then it transcodes and sends the highest compatible PCM file to each device.

You no longer have to worry about whether or not any piece of music in any format can play on each device. Irrespective of the format or resolution - just press ‘play’ and listen to the music!

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I’m new to Qobuz and this will be my service for the foreseeable future. I was pleasantly surprised to hear improved sonics over Tidal and haven’t experienced any significant gaps in content offering, I’ve even found some content that I didn’t have in Tidal previously.

After Tidal switched to Oauth2 login my legacy upnp renderer (Bubble) solution for integration got fubar’d prompting my switch to Qobuz. I need to get a better understanding of how Roon would fit into my hifi equation. Perhaps it’s a better solution for my legacy set up.

Qobuz for its better Integration in Audirvana (on a macmini M1) and the Audirvana Remote App.
From there I am streaming to the Legacy UQ2 and 272.
Not sure if it is better than Tidal or just different.

I like the Qobuz online magazine and the playlists.
Maybe it fits better to my age of 52 and being a citizen of old Europe.

Tidal is maybe more modern, my Kids like it.

Buying Audirvana includes 3 months Qobuz, so the App costs only 35€.

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Results so far are interesting and probably completely unrepresentative of non-audiophiles.

I have Qobuz, Tidal and Apple Music.

Apple Music clearly does not appeal to most of us as it’s lossy, for me I have it for the family. Qobuz family package is way overpriced considering it’s probably only one household member who is an audiophile, my kids simply would not appreciate hi-res audio currently, especially with playback largely being on phones.

I think many of us felt Amazon HD might be a game changer but I just found it very frustrating with no easy way to get hi-res to the Nova. If and when there is native integration with new streamers or Roon I’d not be surprised to see many people ditch other services if it’s more competitive price wise. Funny how many have eye wateringly expensive hi-fi, but still might go for the best priced streaming service.

Qobuz is my preferred provider, I’m useless at cancellings subscriptions and should have ditched Tidal ages ago, but the catalogues are complementary.

I’ve never tried Spotify, maybe it’s a bit of snobbery, I probably don’t know what I’m missing, but I do buy downloads and vinyl fairly regularly, Qobuz Sublime discounts are nice, but not what they were. I’m also finding very little new music I actually want to buy and am fed up buying again for the n’th time so many things I have on LP/CD or even cassette.


I find the forum topic
What are you listening to in 2021 and why might anyone be interested - Music Room - Naim Audio - Community
is a mine of info. Lots of albums/artists I have not heard of. I have discovered so many new artists and music this way.
Of course there are many I do not like but you can stream them on Qobuz and buy the ones you like. May depend upon your taste/genre to some extent.


It is very useful I agree, though it’s so long I’m rarely up to date on it!

I think not finding much I like at the moment is partly due to mood as I’ve been quite busy with various things including work. Finding good ‘down time’ to indulge is also tricky currently.

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