What source are you pairing with your system ? With pictures please

Hi all… am starting a topic whereby all can post your beloved sources with picture here , let’s enjoy :blush:


I am having an Esoteric SACD player and dCS Bartok steamer pairing w naim NAC 332 and NAP 350s. I do not have a turntable :sweat_smile: but maybe one day I will


Main system.

Which also has a CDX2.2 and NAT-01 as alternate sources.

Second system.

Once I track down a larger support stand, I will add a CDP and NAT-02.


Nice :blush:

I’m confused…we have ‘system pics’ and ‘show us your turntable’ threads already, and I think a ‘CD player’ thread (not sure on that one)…

Is this thread therefore for tuners and streamers?

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We do occasionally have overlapping threads. I’m sure that our esteemed Moderator will combine various threads if he deems it appropriate to do so.

@steviebee hi… it’s a combination of all sources … be it streamer , cd players , tuner , turntable :wink: all in one topic …

Still confused…but have fun…:slightly_smiling_face:


One of my sources is part of my 222. The other is an LP12 into an NVC TT.

Here is a pic of the system with the onsite system technicians before the arrival of the NVC TT.


Perfect for me right now!

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Thorens TD-850 sporting an Ortofon MC A90 cartridge (re-tipped)

Aqua La Scala Mk2 DAC


@Taake hi … nice la scala … this dac is used purely for your cds ?

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@graham55 wow… 2 TTS … :muscle:t2:


Not CDs as I dumped them all to the HDD of my Innuos Zen Mini and then sold them, but everything else is plugged into it. My PC, which I use for digital music listening (via Roon), gaming, Youtube watching, etc goes into an Innuos PhoenixUSB which then goes into the USB input of the La Scala. My TV audio out via optical (for Netflix and other streaming apps) goes into a Denafrips Hermes DDC that then spits out the signal via coax into the La Scala.

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Wonder how it sounds like when ripping disc and store in HDD… I have not tried it yet as I wonder… will it compromise the sound quality , especially when its XRCDs / SACDs been played on a CD player ….




In my personal experience, a CD ripped onto an HDX sounded at least as good as the same CD played on a CDX2, and a CD ripped on a Mac with Audirvana (who’s the minus habens who thinks of these names?) and replayed on DAC V1/NAP 100 sounded audibly better than the same CD played on CD5si/Nait5si.

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