What speaker cable to use with my system?

Hi all,
Was just wondering what would be the best speaker cable to use in my system?
My system is;
Supercap dr
Xps dr
Nap 500
Rega planar 3
Super lumina interconnects
Bowers and Wilkins 802’s

I would like recommendations that are not superlumina speaker cable please😊

You’ve had SuperLumina interconnects already, I would just pick Super Lumina speaker cable.


I’ve been asking the same question lately and the most popular answer seems to be Kudos KS-1, especially since Witch Hat when out of business. However, even considering this, @Toon prefers Witch Hat Spectre after replacing KS-1s with them.
Best of luck.

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NACA 5, silly to use anything else.


Are you suggesting that 60 percent of the long term members here are silly?:upside_down_face:

Very little chance of getting Spectres now that Witch Hat has folded.


Yes. I suppose they would have to be pre-owned. But for me, the right length would be an issue.

Chord Signature XL or the higher range models.


I would be amazed to hear that 60% of Naim owners use speaker cable other than Naim’s own. Is that really what you mean?

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Your system is Naim heavy and very high end.
Would it surprise you if I said use Naim speaker cables… :thinking:

I must be missing something here… :neutral_face:

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There are lots of relevant threads.

A5 is sonically good, despite being annoyingly stiff. Kudos KS-1 is good and bendy. Tellurium Q Blue and the more expensive but more detailed Black are good, a little bit bendy and flat. These don’t sound identical, but I am hard-pushed to tell which is which if listening blind.

If you have money left over from not buying something exotic, get some Isoacoustic Gaias for your B&Ws. I got them for my 804 D3s and they clean up and tighten bass, improve stereo separation and cut unnatural sibilance in a way that no cable change can.

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Qed xt25 cables, but does it really matter, no.

Ask a dealer to lend you a couple to try, amongst the contenders Chord Odyssey, Naca 5, Kudos KS…….

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The ‘best’ cable is the one you like most. It seems odd not to want Super Lumina given that the effects seem to be additive.

I’d probably save money and rather than something expensive go for NacA5 or Kudos KS1. Your power amp and speakers are hugely capable but the sources are on the weak side and you could really do with a 552, so that’s where to put any available funds.

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Kudos KS-1 here easy to work with and easier than most termination and discreet.
Don’t let the small appearance affect you.
Many very high end systems use this so don’t get sucked into the price wars. :+1:t2:

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Oephi Ascendance brings out everything great in a naim system :+1:

Hi. Yes that was what I was saying, however, I admit to being a tad cavalier regarding the percentage I suggested. That was just an estimate based on all the cable threads and other threads I’ve read on here. I wouldn’t doubt though, that it’s pretty close to that figure.

I think that one of the biggest issues that people have in using or staying with the NACA5 is having a competent person at their dealer to do the rather tricky soldering of the Naim connectors. And knowing for a fact that they have been soldered properly, and that it’s not degrading the music in any way due to a less than perfect, non-factory, solder joint.

It would certainly be an issue in Canada, and I’ve read threads here, where it was an issue in the UK. That’s where I became aware of the possible issue.
Anyway, just fyi.

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To my ears naca5 is the brother of lavender. They provide bit of the same thing but they both also limit the equipment in the same way. It’s a good cable for the price but there are better indeed.


I suspect that a much higher % have Naim boxes but do not use Naim speakers, and an even higher % have a turntable not made by Naim. Perhaps people have just tried to pick what works best?


Naim make two speaker cables. One is ridiculously stiff and hard to solder - to the extent that some Naim dealers don’t even sell it - and the other is ridiculously expensive. It’s no surprise that many don’t have it as top of their cable pops.