What stageline phono Naim for Denon 103R?

Hello, I am new to the forum. Thanks for the acceptance.
Recently, I got a Naim Nait XS3. I have an MC Denon 103R capsule and I want to buy a Naim Stageline Phono MC. I don’t know what is the correct version that fits my Denon: K, N, S or E? Please, Can someone help me?
Thank you!

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I think all the Denons are high output but I can’t be specific as to which model you require. @Richard.Dane is very knowledgeable if not call Naim they are very helpful.



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The DL103s are all low output MCs. The 103R is rated at 0.25mV. Your best bet would be an S or K, probably safest with the S.


Perfect. Thank you,
I can connect this Stageline directly to the XS3 Amplifier, right? That is, without the need of an external power source or a FlatCap?

Yes there is an specific socket to power the Stageline.


Perfect! Plug and play between xs3 and stageline! Woderdull. Thanks!!

When I first had my Roksan I had a Stageline S powered by my 282. It was excellent.

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Yes, you are right, 103R is 0.25mV and also need 100+ Ohm load on MC input of Stageline. So S or K depend of MC input Ohm.
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Apparently, the pre phono integrated in the new Naim XS3 and Supernait 3, correspond to the stagelines. I asked Naim directly and they confirm it. although they indicate that the results should be different to be pre-integrated vs. external …

Yes but please be wary because the built in phonostages in the new integrateds (such as yours) are configured for MM cartridges, not MC.

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