What storage does a Uniti Star have

Browsing the Naim website for information about the Uniti Core, something in the Uniti Star specification caught my eye. It said the Star can rip and store your music. What storage is that referring to? Is there in fact some internal storage or are is it referring to a USB drive. If a USB drive, what’s the 20,000 song limitation about?

There is no built in storage, you connect a USB drive or SD card. The limit will be down to how much data the Star can store when it scans the drive to allow you to browse it.


I have tried an USB attached HDD and an SD card with my Star, sonically I could not detect a difference. Currently using the SD card as that was the most cost effective solution when I looked. When that is full will probably move to using an SSD drive attached via USB.

That just caught my eye. Do you mean the Star use a separate memory cache to serve the music?

Well the Star will have to index all the files and the metadata on the storage to enable the user to search, browse and play the related files. It makes sense that this database would me limited to keep app performance up.

Personally I have a 500GB Samsung SSD plugged into the USB at the back and it works like a charm.

You have to configure an SD card or USB drive to be read by the Star, even if created on another Star. Fortunately, you can do this and keep all the music stored there, I have had to do this twice when my first two Stars were exchanged. I wonder if that means that the Star stores the index on the SD card or USB rather than being stored in the star? Maybe someone more knowledgeable about IT could enlighten me or us?

I’ve got a 1Tb external drive connected to the back USB , works like a dream. You can add music from a pc and also add ,change the metadata using mp3tag or similar if necessary .
I’ve got a backup copy on my pc,s external drive as well.

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I don’t know what Naim’s measure of the number of songs actually means because ‘songs’ have such varying lengths. However I believe the at one time Naim mentioned 100,000 songs in connection with the Core and with Star they talk about 20,000 sons. Since the Naim document was talking about a 2TB HDD I wondered whether the Star could go up to 0.5TB only - a fifth of the Core. But obviously you’re doing well with a 1TB so I guess the 20,000 song limit was something else.

Incidentally does ‘song’ has a standardized MB size assumption that I don’t know about?

This points towards the index being stored in the Star itself. Seeing that it has to rebuild it. It would also make sense as you can potentially have more than one storage device attached.

The limit is probably not related to the actual size of the music but to the index that is created. Think of it as a lookup table that links what you search to what you find and in turn to which actual file should be played. Allowing an index to grow too large leads to slower search times in the long run.

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Yes, that sounds like it could be the case.

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