What sub-£1k 55" TV should I buy?

I may donate my current 5+ year old Sony to my daughter. What sub-£1k 55" TV should I buy to replace it?
Any recommendations - probably buying from the usual susppects - JL, AO , Curries, Richer Sounds etc.

Panasonic - look at Peter Tyson. Good prices for all electricals and excellent service.
Should also look at John Lewis who are competitive price wise and usually offer a free 5 year warranty.

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Trouble is, there are just so many options!

LG or Samsung are safe bets, price will obviously depend on size

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Richer Sounds offer 5 or 6 year guarantees on LGs TVs.

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From richersounds to get a 6 year warranty and great customer service, I would go for the sony XR55X90LU. It is a little above budget at the moment (£1299) but will drop in price soon as all it predecessors have. I have its predecessor (the J model) and it’s fantastic. Great picture quality and great features. The L is apparently even better still, and I’m getting the 75” version when the prices predictably drop.


In my personal opinion, within that price range (which I’ve also just worked with), I don’t see too much differentiation.
I just worked out the size I wanted and then searched for the best deal. Stick with the established manufacturers.

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Plans on hold for the moment. She’s just moved into her flat and is going with an older smaller TV. I suspect 55" might be a little too big for the space. We’ll see!

I’d picked out an LG model that Which ranked highly. Saved myself the cash for the moment!

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