What to do with my Naimnet

I am a big Naim fan with NAC202, NAC252 and NAC282 with various NAP amps, Naim CDplayer, Naim Dac BUT back when I bought all this I got even more over excited and bought Naimnet products. I have the power amps NNP02 x4. I did also purchase the Netstream 8 port ethernet switch and 8 audio port NS AP500. However when i bought all this back in 2014 I realised my Naim devices needed modifications so didn’t bother taking the Netstream forward (which was probably a good idea looking back)

BUT what is a shame is that I have these beautiful talented NNP02 x4 power amps with no purpose. Surely its a shame to dump them, Naim or someone needs to help me re-purpose these into my Naim system. Why can’t these be used purely as a power amp in my NAC systems?

Regards Lee

Lee, I hate to say it but you’re not going to continue with the Netstreams system then you’re probably best selling as they’re probably just not worth the time and expense to modify to just be a power amp. Even then, the NNP02 was designed to be a very good, small, discrete room amp, that could be hidden away in a wall or cupboard, but it wasn’t up to the performance of a proper Naim amp - even a NAP100 or NAP150 would likely show it a clean pair of heels.

Although the Netstreams Digilinx system ceased being officially supported back in 2020, there are probably many Digilinx users still out there who would probably be interested in your NNP02 room amps. There also appear to be a few companies who still support Digilinx with 3rd party apps and solutions. It could be worthwhile contacting one of them.

Hello Richard, I appreciate the comment and I agree with you the viewpoint on reflection. As ebay says … it could be someones everything.

Any proceeds will go towards a Naim addition for sure

Regards Lee

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