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I used to be a regular over here but let things slip and have now completely lost touch with all things Naim.

Basically I am trying modernise my system which is the same as what it was 10 years ago. I have two Naim systems in the UK house and I also have a villa in Spain where I now have a set of KEF wireless speakers that operate off the net and also are linked into the TV. I like the convenience of streaming music but I miss the quality sound that I get from my Naim systems.

Most of my serious listening is from the main system in the UK which is a 52 /300 / Shahinian Arc set up. What I would ideally like is to buy a Naim product that will allow me to stream music and link it into the NAC52 to get the Naim / Shahinian sound that I like.

I would be grateful if someone could give me advice on the best product to buy including its strengths and weaknesses.

I would have shot myself ten years ago for asking a question like this.



Ah, Mr Parry, the man who gave me the best mortgage advice I’ve ever had, which saved me a stack. It’s good to see you back.

This is a bit of a minefield and you will doubtless get dozens of contradictory suggestions. Do you want to stream from external sources, such as Qobuz or Tidal, or simply to store your own music on a computer and listen to it at home. Or maybe both.

You also need to think about how much you want to spend, as there are so many options. I’d suggest that a good Naim dealer would be your friend here, both to help you choose what to buy, or to help you set it all up.

Hi Mick, welcome back to the forum.

As Nigel suggests above, it’s time to have a chat with your Naim dealer to discuss the options. However, as you say you enjoy the convenience of streaming, then it looks likely that you’ll be looking at one of the latest generation Naim streamers.

Considering the calibre of your current system, that would most likely be something like an NDX2 or ND555. In old style Naim hierarchical terms, the ND555 is top of the heap, requires a 555PS to work, and can be taken even further with the addition of a second 555PS. The NDX2 holds a similar place in the hierarchy as the old CDX2, and likewise can be upgraded with the addition of an XPS or 555PS power supply.


If I can stream successfully and listen to good quality music, then I am happy.

I can then listen to either Streaming, Radio, CD or Vinyl. I have no interest in boring myself to death in transferring all of my CDs into some streaming device.

The streaming machine will mean I can listen to something new without going through the hassle of buying LPs and CDs.



If you’re looking to move on from the KEF wireless, you might look at a Muso 2. You’ll have access to all sorts of internet streaming content. You can also connect that to your TV, with an optical cable. You probably won’t miss having two speakers; the Muso sounds really good!

Hi Richard

Thanks for all that. So just to be clear, if I buy a NDX2 I should get a sound on par with the CDX2. However, if I wished, I could buy a power supply to boost it even further.

If so, that seems to be the answer.

Also a second question, (you now see how useless I have become), can I use the NDX2 to listen to radio and how would it compare to the NAT01 that I currently use?



Hi Bart

Mrs Mick is also a bit of an audiophile after years of being brainwashed by me.

She insisted on 2 speakers 5 ft apart. I couldn’t argue with her, happy wife, happy life and all that.



The NDX2 has internet radio, but that won’t come anywhere near what you’d get with your 01, or an 05 come to that. As well as the NDX2 I’d look at the cheaper ND5XS, which may be all you need for the more casual listening you are suggesting.

Given the need to have synergy with the existing system (52/300 etc) then the Uniti range and 272 are out. You are therefore left with the 3 standalone Streamers so ND5, NDX2 and ND555.

Have a listen but I think that given the quality of the existing system then the NDX2 is possibly the best option. A 52 is good enough to handle the ND555 but the expense is significant.

Have look at Roon is probably a good idea for the future as well.

Some might argue that the NDX2 is on an even higher level than the old CDX2. But yes, in a similar way, if you wanted to boost it further, you can add a dedicated power supply such as the XPS or 555PS.

The NDX2 offers internet radio. It gives incredibly wide access to many radio stations that are unavailable via FM. However, if ultimate sound quality is what you want from your radio, albeit limited to those available on FM, then there’s nothing to touch a NAT01.

It may also be worth considering a ‘pre loved’ NDS, you may prefer the presentation to the new platform streamers. Some cracking bargains to be had since the introduction of the ND555.

I was going to suggest that but given Mick wants to stream from the internet a new platform steamer makes more sense. As an example, Qobuz will be added, which won’t, sadly, apply to the legacy platform.

Hi Richard

I suspect that it is going to be the CDX2. I am just about to fly out to Spain and will sort this out when I return back around Christmas.

I will keep the NAT01 for the UK based stuff and use the CDX2 for the local Spanish stations.

Many thanks to everyone, this has been really useful.



Yes, fair comment

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