What to upgrade next?

I am the proud owner of:
Nait XS amp
CD5XS CD player
Rega Planer 3 (with Ortofon 2M blue)
ND5XS streamer
PMC Twenty 23 speakers.

I was in Sevenoaks in Witham the other day and they were tempting me with a SuperNait if I traded in my XS. or a HiCap to add to the XS or a power supply for the ND5. I had not given much thought until then to where to spend my next pay cheque, but now tempted to upgrade. Personally I had pondered on the pre and power (NAP200) route eventually. Thoughts?

Depending on what source you use the most, all could be improved…new nd5 xs2? But if you have a hankering for a pre and power amp, you may be better off saving the pennies and wait to buy them.

Maintaining 3 sources does spread the resources you have. Do you need the CD player? If you rip your CDs to a NAS and listen to them via the streamer you could trade both for a better streamer at reasonable cost…

Dazzler, What’s it all standing on? Are you using Naca5 speaker wires and jumpers (if applicable)? Do you have a suitable mains block, Graham’s Hydra etc.?

I knew I should have mentioned NACA5. 5m to each speaker.

Good point about the CD player, as I have not used it for months since I ripped my CDs to a NAS.

I do not have a suitable mains block. The hifi stands on an old Target metal and glass stand.

The worst stands are the stock PMC speaker plinths, which are woefully wobbly on my shag pile carpet. I keep meaning to fashion something out of hardwood or granite.

I don’t know the XS Mk. 1 but the XS2, which I think is a great amp – had it for a number of years driving my PMC 25.23. From reading on this Forum, I believe that the XS2 presents a significant improvment over the XS Mk. 1. So jumping from the XS to the SN2 should make you smile. :+1:

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