What was the last concert / gig you attended?

Teenage Fanclub - Birmingham Town Hall


Just back from seeing Queens of the Stone Age at the O2 ( not best seats in house as you can see from the picture). I’ve seen them many times over the years and they remain the best live rock band IMO - absolutely exhilarating and in Josh Homme, the coolest front man around


Irreversible Entanglements at Earth Dalston. Utterly enthralling but also pretty uncompromising - Lady BC had to spend the last half hour in the bar!



I’m sorry to have missed them. Darned work rota and no swaps now we’re in Black Friday Month (lol).

Glad you enjoyed it. My wife wouldn’t have touched the gig with a bargepole!

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Peter Gabriel in Denver. The new material was fantastic! The whole show was really incredible, scored the setlist from the sound fellas as well!


We just got back from the Brad Mehldau Trio, with Larry Grenadier (bass) and Jeff Ballard (drums).

I don’t listen to a lot of Meldau, and consider him more of a safe choice than adventurous, but live is always a better experience. We enjoyed the concert. It was about 90 minutes.

No pictures to show. They asked us not to take them so I didn’t.


They are coming around on Friday at the Orchestra Hall.


Are you going?


Why not he is doing great work in Pittsburg ?


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Ok wording Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, he has created a couple of great recordings with them in the last couple of years. Quite often also well reviewed by the press.

ah I see. I know nothing of any living jazz musician’s work. Just not enough time to listen to everything. I still have to explore baroque and early music. So much music. So little time. :expressionless:

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YolanDa Brown at Saffron Hall as part of the Cambridge Jazz Festival. Very enjoyable mix of jazz, soul and reggae, or Posh Reggae as she calls it.


Charles Lloyd and his Ocean trio at the Barbican - a tad low key perhaps (he is 85 so inevitably fireworks are few and far between) but bloomin marvellous.


African Rhapsodies. BBC Concert Orchestra and Seckou Keita on kora and vocals at the Nottingham Royal Concert Hall Monday evening. A really enjoyable evening with great feel good music. Also featured Peter Gabriel’s cello player from his recent tour, Ayanna Witter Johnson.


Catrin Finch and Aoife Ni Bhriain at the Sheldonian in Oxford last night on tour with their new album Double You. Two very gifted artists sparking off each other.

Catrin Finch is the most extraordinary harpist (Clarach off her earlier album “Soar” with Seckou Keita has to be one of my favourite tracks). Last night was a quite different combination and just as enjoyable.

Bob Vylan at The O2 Ritz, Manchester last night. Electric atmosphere and some powerful and pertinent messages about the times we are living in right now. And bloody loud too.


Wasn’t me, but my wife saw U2 at The Sphere in Las Vegas. Blew her mind. Sound and Imaging inside.


London Brew at the Barbican. A joyous cacophony - but thats the way uh uh I like it. Stunning stuff 90 minutes of tremendous improvised music. I feel sure Miles would have approved - nah he’d have just said rip off mother.uckers.