What Was The Last Vinyl You Bought?

I agree Neil, to me the energy of their Live appearances was never really captured well in the studio imo

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I get what your saying and agree their records where never aimed at audiophiles but that doesn’t mean if they can’t be improved they shouldn’t.

I grew up hearing them played by my parents on their Pioneer PL12D record player, Sony TA 1150 Amp and Wharfdale Denton speakers and I’ve been chasing a decent copy of Who’s Next for 15 years that sounded like that so far without luck.

I currently own a Track 1st press (I think) and sold a terrible Back to Black reissue neither of which sound or sounded anything like as good as my parents’ used to. I also own a Classic Records Who By Numbers, a Tommy, Quadrophenia and Who Are You 1st press and none sound brilliant on my set up in fact the only Who/Townsend record I own that sounds good is my Rough Mix 1st press which sounds brilliant.

So I’m all up for a studio remaster of any of those Who records that sound good I’m 53 and the earliest I ever saw The Who was as a 13 year old with my Parents at the Southampton Gaumont with Kenny Jones so as much as I appreciate and agree The Who where at their best at Swansea or Charlton I wasn’t there and recordings of those gigs are terrible.

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Agree. I swing between miffed that SQ is pretty much a write off, or thinking nah, that’s how it was meant to be!

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There was a dealer a long time ago that used to use The Doors as a demo. If ever the customer said it sounded a bit rough, he’d say “ah, but that’s how they’re meant to sound. A bit raw and rough”. One day I bought in my LA Woman DCC cd (yes me with a cd) and it blew both of us away on his system. He then used the DCC for his big invited demo nights and it sounded wonderful.

Who’s Next was the lp that demonstrated to me that the Keel was the most important LP12 upgrade. It separated everything and made my Hawks sound like the band was in my room. One of the defining moments in hifi* for me. If you ever think The Who should sound rough (compressed and harsh), think again.

*It’s not about hifi, it’s about the live band in the room moment.

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2021 Blue Note Classic Vinyl Series… :slightly_smiling_face:


Very good choice @apye , one of the highlights in the BN Classic Series :ok_hand:


Unless you’ve got an MMJ 33 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Thats interesting, I think your view differs from how Linn would have it in their component heirachy

Arrived this morning from Diverse Vinyl.
Been looking forward to this since it was first due in the Craft AS Contemporary series last year iirc.
One, I always enjoy Shelley Manne, joined here by Andre Preview on the Joanna with Leroy Sarsons on Bass.
Two, Mrs Dread is a big fan of the show, herself playing Eliza Doolittle in an am dram when she was a nipper.

Shelley Manne And His Friends Vol2
Modern Jazz Performances Of Songs From My Fair Lady (Craft/Acoustic Sounds Series/ Contemporary 1956)



Mofi‘s are no longer half-Speed mastered.

These ‘…& his Friends’ records are obviously a series.

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I think there is a Vol 1 with the same trio and a Shelley Manne And His Men, also The Poll Winners…

Mine is on the way according to the email I got today.
I was hoping this release would end my search for a good sounding copy of this album.
My first purchase of it was the “Nice Price” version. I’ve bought several copies since while trying to better it. About the best was a Music On Vinyl offering and the absolute worst the Back To Black, a label I now avoid like the plague. All the others were used copies which failed to live up to their billing. I’ve had so many sellers reply with “considering its age it is excellent” when I’ve disagreed with their grading. I’ve since give up on buying used vinyl.

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Just ordered the last 2 Rush albums on Vinyl to complete my collection. Test for Echo & Counterparts, both ordered from Discogs from the same Vinyl trader.
Can’t wait for my collection to finally be complete.
Also bought a bunch of records in Bakewell today, but I’ll post those in the next day or so when I have time to photograph them :blush:

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I’ll add this to the list of AR half-speeds to avoid.

As dull, flat and lifeless sounding as the original CD.

The hi-res version on Qobuz sounds excellent, so it would seem the vinyl mastering is to blame.

A real shame as the recent 2LP reissue of Little Earthquakes is superb.



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It is a shame to hear that as I have had a copy on order, but yet to pick it up, which I was looking forward to.
I suppose that if I like the songs, then I could buy it on Qobuz.


You wrote that mofis are half Speed mastered and they are not. Not so important, just an information.

It is important. I was in a conversation with Dread and specifically mentioned MFSL Dire Straits BIA. Not general MFSL.

MFSL have mastered 1/2 speed for decades. They stopped around 2013 for most, not all.

As you say, not important, but don’t interrupt and misquote.

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I got this last week, only played once. Agree with @IanF that it’s a bit dull and lifeless sounding.

The vinyl itself is totally flat and quiet and it works well when you turn the volume up, just lacks that punch but I enjoyed it still.

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