What Was The Last Vinyl You Bought?


I will get things started with these two bought in the Ninja Tune vinyl sale :smile:

AC_US436_QL65 AC_US436_QL65

Recommended, only £13 each including delivery…:sunglasses::grinning:




Graham Parker and The Rumour Howlin Wind & The Up Escalator both from second hand shop £6.50 for both!


Picked up a copy of the newly remastered White Album because six or seven copies are not enough. Seriously, it is actually quite good.


Bridge Over aTroubled Water - the Mofi 1 step one


It is indeed! Did you get the box with the Esher Demos as well?


Had this bought for me Christmas and finally go round to playing it last night.
A masterpiece of an album. God knows what they have done with the vinyl transfer? It sounds terrible. Very disappointing.


It seems, judging by various comments on the 'net, that the pressings of this album have been rather variable. There are Optimal pressings, but also Rainbo too, the latter not having the best rep out there. I have the deluxe set and the vinyl’s pretty good.


Thanks Richard. I’ll check to see which pressing it is. I did see mixed reviews on the Steve Hoffman site when it was first released. I had hoped they would’ve sorted the quality issues out by now. The joys of vinyl eh.


my favorite album of 2018, it was a close run but this album just took my breath away, I have always liked Primal Scream but never really was a “fan” this album has totally changed - the focus, music, is on another level
45rpm Give out but don’t give IN - SUBLIME!!


I have read elsewhere about problems with this one, but my pressing is the white vinyl and is actually very good - and near silent background.


I don’t think it’s the way it’s been pressed? The (Black vinyl) pressing is quiet with a couple of clicks on the end of side one. The second disc does have a slight warp and the centre hole needed opening up.
I think it’s the way it’s been mastered/transferred? It sounds like it’s been mixed underwater and the Bass sounds…well wrong.


Bought a few LPs today (below) and I thought that it was interesting that only 1 had a poly/paper liner (the NWA LP), with all of the rest having simple paper/card covers.


I dug out my deluxe vinyl copy and gave it a spin. It sounds pretty good to me. It’s a fairly dense mix though with lots going on so you need a TT front end that will really dig out and make sense of it all, and I’d imagine that if you have any unevenness at certain frequencies then it might just make it all a bit congested and compressed in places, with bass that might get a bit out of control. The vinyl itself was well pressed, nicely centred and was quiet. How’s your turntable/arm/cart?


Not yet Richard. I think I will be now though.


It’s a bit expensive, but ultimately the Esher Demos are a bit of a highlight, and well worth it.


Never noticed anything amiss with the bass on my copy. It is a complex mix, but sounds rather good to me.


Roxy Music - Flesh + Blood. £13 new from Amazon


I have a Well Tempered Versalex, Ortofon Cadneza Black and Trilogy 906 Phono Stage…which sounds damn fine when playing anything else.

I do have A Moon Shaped Pool on CD which I’ve played to death since it’s release and know the record very well.


That’a a great shame that it’s not sounding good. Maybe you got a duff Rainbo pressing, or perhaps the stamper metalwork has begun to wear out after pressing so many copies.