What will do?!

I have a 2001 CDX2 cd player (ably supported by a XPS power supply) which I remain very happy with. They are operating just fine and I would hope they see me out……I just worry what will happen if the cd player breaks down at some point and becomes not repairable due to the absence of spare parts. Just what will I do?! With my large cd and vinyl collections streaming is not particularly on my agenda.

Many here have an Audiolab cd transport, connected to a dac.
You can buy a second hand Naim Ndac , for under 1k. Total cost: around 2k


Ok, but does that leave my XPS redundant? Will it not connect to something else? Would the audio lab sound as good?


You can connect the XPS to the Naim ndac.


I own a CDX2, from 2002. Still going …

But - IF it were to start misbehaving AND it was not repairable by Naim, or by ‘others’ THEN a CDT and DAC would be a likely candidate… :crazy_face:


What is a “CDT”?

CDT = CD Transport

I personally wouldn’t worry about it until the time comes. I have a CDX2.2 with a 555PS. Once it goes (just had the transport replaced, so hopefully it lasts a while), I just plan to get a new CD player and sell the power supply.

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Ok, sounds like a plan

There were some posts about the rarity of CD Transports. Whether this was true or not, I do not know. Because of these posts, I purchased a CD5XS laser transport for my CD player. I think it was about $150 plus postage here in Australia.

I faced that issue long ago.
I was a happy user of Naim CD players.
Owned many of them: CD5, CDX, CDS and more recent players.
I was sad to see them go, but I had to.

As I faced the doorstop scenario I went to Rega CD players, they are fully supported which is important to me.
Their current players Isis and Saturn 3 are really good alternatives.


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