What will Naim announce next?

There is a lot of people with extra money saved waiting to be spent currently, so they better not leave it too long

That may be the younger audiophiles. All my friends who were and still are avid music lovers from the 70’s all listen to the music via cd & vinyl and mention the word ‘stream’ they are totally lost in reaction; they make me feel modern as I listen to ripped Cds…

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Having a CD555 I’m still very much a CD buyer. I do have the option of buying music as FLAC and then burning this to CD but it’s a chore - and creating imagery and info much more so.

To be clear, my comment was in the context of a proposed Naim cheap box that would copy the CD into memory temporarily and then play it. I said I thought there would be a very small market for such a box.

It might have been but it’s discontinued now so not really an up to date amp.

Just to keep in context in case I didn’t relay my mad idea initially well enough, it was only the CD mechanism that I thought could be cheap in comparison as you wouldn’t need all the complex mechanics around vibration concerns, and all the additional electronic components to get an instant high quality output - the rest would be pretty much the usual high standard. I suppose the end product might be a ND5 XS2CD - anyway, mad idea probably. Just thought I’d mention it so even if Naim doesn’t take it on, Chord may read this, and who knows in years to come they may even name their company “Chord Gadget” :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Small? I would say virtually non-existent. Besides, all existing ripper/stores have a delete button, so as far as I can see that product already exists.

I thought that was the way the new streaming card worked in NDX2, only per song. Was that only with Roon or does it include UPnP?

I think Steve at Naim said a while back that the latest streamers had a 50MB buffer for reading in a track to help smooth any network issues


A revamped and updated front panel on the pre amps would seem overdue.
Why do we still have Tape in /out for example?
Not massive I know but the current line up seem to have unchanged for donkeys years.

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Naims newest dedicated pre, the S1, has apparently no tape functionality anymore.


It will be a massive change and will be fun to re read all these threads.
Some will cheer and some will cry I’m sure.
Maybe current supply issues are due to Naim tooling up and building up stock for a radical and sweeping change ?
Pure speculation on my end and maybe a bit if a conspiracy theory…

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We can of course look forward also to discounted superseded stock!

And the next step is providing a way to bypass input selection when you only have a single source like vinyl or a streamer/dac.

All models available in silver textured finish with a white Naim logo, a la Muso and Uniti range but still half moon.

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You do wonder :thought_balloon: if redesign will feature.? In my rack are Olive, Classic and Uniti Nova ,I could see Classic being redesigned to match Uniti

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Having read through this thread again, no one predicted a headphone amp. I can only surmise that as a group we are not that good at predicting what Naim will do next. Now that Naim has brought a new product out we have another opportunity to attempt to guess what is arriving next?

@paulbysea there was another thread a few months ago about product rumours that did predict the new headphone amp, it even included the photo that i posted in the release thread:

The photo was removed at the time though, since it pertained to a product that “didn’t exist”. :wink:

It was mentioned above… (to a point; might have also been another (analogue) product).

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