What will Naim announce next?

Whilst many of us will have a wish list of what we would like to see Naim announce and get into the shops by the middle of next week or shortly after. For me, it would be a replacement for the 272.

Looking back over the last decade or so Naim being a savvy company often seems to know what potential customers want before we know ourselves and has successfully entered into new product areas with the Muso and new Uniti range. So I am wondering will Naim’s next product announcements be updating some current products or entering into different niches as it did with the Muso?

So my question to the forum is two-fold, what would you like Naim to announce next and what do you think is the most likely product announcement?

Probably that thing that should have happened if Munich 2020 had gone ahead.

I don’t normally join in these things, but I would like to see a SuperCore, all that the UnitiCore could have been but isn’t. And I vow that I would buy one if it came to pass.




How about a Hiline that doesn’t break.


Since the lockdown is being eased, they will bring out a Lavender Interconnect Jubilee edition without a locking ring.

You let me curious here. Indulge me and care to explain the thought please?

Ps.: @Gazza , could you make a input please?
( thank you)

In a recent Signals call/ Microsoft meet…Supercore was mentioned by Naim. Might be nothing in the remark, but, yes, they can do better.

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I think you have my comments and David,s crossed. But here goes…the Core is not as flexible as previous Unitiserve for some. The competition offer better classical indexing, better SQ for some, direct downloads from websites. In the meeting with Jason from Naim they are well aware, it could run Roon. There is a lot Naim could do, if they choose to.


Spare shelf waiting here.

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I don’t use any type of NAS so these details aren’t perceived ( by me / lack experience)
As I only use a usb pen on my humble UQ2.


Thank you for the time sir.
If @davidhendon want to add some more… please do.

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How about active focal speakers with naim power amps so that the speaker will produce a lovely transparent presentation with the Naim sound.


As @Gazza says, Roon is an obvious target. But handling metadata properly and flexibly is another, transcoding another, handling downloads better including direct downloading from regularly used sites another, I think SQ of UnitiCore is OK but not everyone does, so perhaps there is more to come there, they could provide the means to add an absurdly expensive outboard PSU like 555PS DR and the punters would flock to it. Adding WiFi connectivity for those that prefer not to use Ethernet is another obvious thought.

The SuperCore would be a 5 Series product. It would make it easy for people who have strayed to Melco to come back, providing some persuasive reasons to not use Asset on a random QNAP or Synology NAS instead of buying a SuperCore. The SuperCore would be a product that Naim owners would be glad to buy, despite its elevated price. It wouldn’t be a Uniti SuperCore. It would be a 555 SuperCore, worthy of serving files to ND555s and Statement Streamers. Chord customers would flock to buy it. Maybe Naim would call it Julian.




Thank you sir, for such complete answer.
Realize that I’m on the bottom of the “ demanding customers” :sweat_smile:

Also, humble for lack of knowledge: always tought that SQ was on the side of the source ( reader) component, not the server. ( or at least the weight of importance).

You may be right, but “rubbish in, rubbish out”…

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Indeed. :wink:

How about a Statement preamp with a tape out socket?


Is this influence of the “Statement disappointment “ thread?

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Let’s hope if that happens it will include Internet radio.

Probably wouldn’t as it would be a server not a streamer…

It could include a drawer loading mechanism like the NS01 as well as a second disc drive bay for internal back up, just like the NS01 too.