What will Naim announce next?

No idea. I’d like Naim to create a 500 level integrated. That is the only thing I’d consider purchasing.

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I’ve said it before. An updated 272 paired with an active Focal speaker. Seems a no-brainer.


Rival to the krell300i?
( price range 11k)

I wish for an Aro replacement and adaptable TT PSU doing 33/45 that would work with a range of TTs. An Armageddon Mk2. I can dream!

I’d like a bigger brother of the 5i-2 but without a phono input, pure analogue of course.

I wonder that too, isn’t the 5si long overdue an update since the XS3 and Supernait 3 releases?

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I believe that Naim will offer a Dacless streamer, and a streamerless Dac; in a customer oriented “If you can’t beat them … join them” effort.


Wasn’t that the NAIT xs2 or Supernait 2?

Looking at their range , a better quality CD player, having said that my CDX2 is still in the rack, bought from new in 2002/2003

How many electronic pieces of kit have that longevity (hoping I am not tempting fate) ?

My guess would be more ‘Focal powered by Naim’ active speakers, with built in DSP technology similar to Linn Exakt. So basically a high-end variation to the Mu-So range.

Perhaps a Naim streaming hub to complement these, which can also be used standalone in an existing passive system.


What about a sort of CD player which just temporarily rips the cd as it’s entered, then holds that cd in memory to play. It means the cd components can be very cheap, plus you have an exact temporary version of the cd ready to play without any of those jitter and what not issues. You end up with a high quality low price CD player

Naim can have that idea in exchange for one when thy make it, with an SL interconnect of course :hugs:

I believe this is what the Star does if you choose to play the CD rather than rip it. If this is the case then they could easily make a CD with uprated components, possibly in a Star box with the amp components stripped out.

Sadly I think there would be a market of about one person for something like that.

Why on earth would someone want to have to rip a CD every time they want to play it when they can rip it once and store it on SSD to be replayed immediately whenever. Most people don’t even buy CDs any more - they stream or download.

(Also Naim doesn’t make cheap things!)


I would tend to agree with you, as someone who rips all my cds. But I think there could be a surprising number of people out there who like playing a CD still, you just have to see all the threads about CD players here. Maybe they could add a playing CD option to the SuperCore you want? That way Naim would have at least two happy forum users :wink: :smiley:


The concept described means ripping the CD before it is played. This takes a couple of minutes, sometimes longer. Would anyone really want to have to wait that long between playing CDs. The alternative of parking the digital stream from a CD that is playing into a bit of memory for a few seconds before sending that to a DAC is basically how all CD players work already…

Surprised to see that nobody mentions a successor for the NAC-N 272? :wink:

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It would be for people that still want a CD player, and like the tactile side of having something physical. I’m sure they could play from the CD if the user chooses that quick option, or wait 2 mins for full quality while you make a cup of tea, or pour a drink.

I think the responses here match a phrase my wife often uses - just because you can doesn’t mean you should :crazy_face:

I know this isn’t going to happen, but I’ll put it out there anyway. How about a replacement for the nDAC, but even higher performing with “floaty” boards and XPSDR or 555DR powered only


It doesn’t seem likely, since Focal and Naim appear to be moving more towards systems integration, lines of products that are part of an ecosystem. Single high-end niche products such as standalone DAC’s or CD-players etc wouldn’t fit in with that philosophy too well.

Time will tell though. :wink: