What would be better, HiCap DR for my supernait 2 or Flatcap XS for my CD5X

What would be better, HiCap DR for my Supernait 2 or Flatcap XS for my CD5X. I will not buy both…I like my Supernait 2 as is but to rephrase; Will my CD5X sound better though my Supernait/HiCapDR, or though my naked Supernait with a FlatcapXS/CD5X…

My experience for what it’s worth is that I found that the Flatcap XS only made a marginal difference to the sound of my CD5 XS (into my then XS 2 amp) and was made redundant for the CDP when I got a used Ndac and connected the CDP to it via the digital out connection, the Ndac however did make a marked improvement to the sound of the CDP.
I’ve just added a HiCap DR to my SN3 and that also improved the sound of the already very good SN3 and as I purchased it pre owned the cost made it a very good upgrade, I think if it was me I’d go for the HiCap but as they say you pays your money and takes your choice.


Mine, too.


I’d get the Hicap. You can then experiment to see whether you prefer it on the CD5x or the SN2

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IMHO a HiCap is a much superior investment, compared to a FC.
Can a CD5 x be connected with both FC or a HC psu ?
If yes, go for the HC and see where it works best ?

Good luck

Sold the Flatcap (can’t remember the version) that I acquired for my CD5X. Couldn’t hear much if any improvement.

You are not going to like this. Years ago the advice from Naim that introduced the forum was, I paraphrase, ‘in general, biggest improvements will come from improving sources.’

A CD5x with or without FC is not the right level of CD player for your SN2. So the answer to your question is neither. Go CDX2 or better.

See, I said you weren’t going to like it.

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No exactly your situation but somewhat related, I just replaced a FCXS with a HiCapDR on my 152XS and wow! And believe me I was a skeptic, hope that helps.

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Of course, uograding my player would be my best move…

I’m running a CD5X/HCDR and CD2 quite happily with 252/300DR.

Maybe I have low expectations, lol.

At one time Naim offered a non-reversible factory conversion to S/PDIF out, on the CDX2 and CD5X.

If they still offer it, you could get it done, then add a Naim dac. I think you would then have a suitable level of CD player and could forget all about power supplies.

Not sure that’s available now and wonder whether it would be worth it, given the potentially limited life of the mech. An alternative would be to get the nDAC and run it with a pure transport such as the Audiolab 6000cdt. Cost around the same as HCDR?


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I have to disagree :slight_smile: … my Naim-life began with the CD5x and a year later I added a Flatcap2x. I recall saying to my son how happy I was with this as it had opened up one of my (many) film scores - James Horner’s Thunderheart such that I could distinguish the instruments more clearly …

… to which he replied (something like) “Great, you spend £500 so as to hear a CD better…” :rofl:

At that time I didn’t have a Naim amp (I was using a Pioneer AV receiver) and the BIG upgrade came when I added a SN1 to the setup. I later upgraded further by adding a HiCap (non DR) to the SN1. I often read on this forum that the HC was too powerful for the CD5x and admit that I never tried this. Now only the HC remains … (along with very little of our bank balances …)

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The CD5x with power supply is a decent player. Yes the higher Naim models are better but arguably no less enjoyable.

Mentioned before. Go for HC or HCDR.
Works for me perfect with CD5X. (HC).
And you can also try it on the SN.
Good luck and please report back.

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