What's a good jazz iRadio channel?

Spending the day listing records for sale, and thought I’d listen to the radio in the background.

Pressed iRadio on the 272 and found a list of genres, one of which is Jazz.

There are about 100 channels.

Anyone know a good one for modern and contemporary jazz?

I like stuff like Paul Bley, Motian, ECM, GoGo Penguin, EST, Mehldau, Miles Davis esp in the 1970s, Coltrane.

Not keen on vocal jazz, mainstream trad jazz or smooth lounge jazz - or adverts. (But I would put up with ads if the musical selection is one I really like.)

Try Radio Swiss Jazz.


Always been a Giants of Jazz fan shame its only 128k though.
Naim Radio plays some good stuff in better quality.


That’s one of the first 3 on the list.
So perhaps they are in order of popularity among Naim users?

Thanks - yes, I like Naim Radio.
It’s the only one I’ve used before.
Was listening to that but some awful country song came on!

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Linn Jazz is pretty good, a mix of all jazz sub-genre & at 320kb/s it’s excellent SQ


Yes it is an ecclectic mix, although luckily avoids Stormzy and the plethora of Capital FM dross.

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If the new app update allows it, I saw from another thread that it does, then Jazz24/KNKX based out of Seattle is very good and 320k. Also good is KEWU out of Eastern Washington University and 320k.


Agree, good channel.

Thanks - will check those out.
Do you know offhand a quick way to find them in iRadio function?

Currently listening to Linn, which is also one of the 1st few choices listed.

Genre>Jazz brings a whole bunch up.

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I searched via the Naim app, went to internet radio, then Genre, then scroll to jazz, then go to United States then scroll through but having just tried it the icon is there but my system won’t connect to KNKX or The Jazz24 icon. They are the same radio station. Don’t know why. KEWU works though

Thanks - I just found KEWU too while looking for KNKX.
Might try and find KNKX on my pc browser.

Just also tried a station called RJazzFM/RadioJazzFM - which I think is different from JazzFM, which is currently playing a really good quite edgy contemporary jazz track, so will give that a spin for a while.

It would help if I had actually updated my firmware, which I hadn’t. So Jazz24 May work for me. Updating firmware now

It now plays Jazz24. It’s a 256k stream.

Ah - I think I need to update my FW too.
Will do that later on and see what new channels appear.

Really enjoying RJazzFM at the moment - some music that sounds a bit like Zappa in Hots Rats mode is on.
I wanted to know what it was so I downloaded Shazam to my ipad, but it doesn’t recognize the tracks.

RJazzFM seems to be a Russian channel. Good show on at the moment. Can’t understand a word of what the dj says, nor their website.

Also got Shazam working on my ipad.


Radio Swiss Jazz, Jazz Groove CA, Linn Jazz, Pure Jazz Radio NYC.

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