What's annoyed you today?


Had a lot of difficulty screwing off the top of my Bovril jar.
Took to running it under hot water thinking it would soften the stiffened Bovril that was obviously caught between the top and jar.
After a while it eventually came off.



I’ve struggled with lids on jars recently due to tennis elbow.

A rubber mallet and broken corkscrew tip into the metal lid works wonders. :laughing:



You need one of these … … … Baby Boa strap wrench … … … works every time. :+1:


I placed an order for some speakers two weeks ago. At the time and today the dealers website says they are in stock, but they have to order them.

This seems more common now as quite a few other dealers say they are in stock, but they aren’t.

I guess if the manufacturer still makes them then they are available, but stating available to order would be more honest.

The manufacturer said they would be two weeks and we are just over that.

Optimistic delivery times annoy me, I guess there may be others on here may feel the same.

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No, I do not think having a thread that talks about what annoys someone is of any value.

Please close.




I’ve watched about two minutes of news in about five years.

Used mine two days ago, or rather one of mine.

So good I have two


A baby boa or big boa

Dave is spot on


Good Moaning!


Paying my provisional tax bill. I used to consider paying tax a privilege for the benefit of society and all that. But, I have become increasingly frustrated with the general waste and inefficiency of the public spend and a general attitude that people who work and take personal responsibility for their families are basically considered a cash cow.


Perhaps a different title would sound better?

I just sense we often vent day to day frustrations in the Lounge.

Sometimes it’s a good reminder when you feel you’ve had a bad day that most other people have similar experiences more frequently than we perhaps realise.


Nothing! I’m on holiday !

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What’s annoyed me is the lack of payment or any communication from an eBay Buyer who had the winning bid on a guitar amp I listed. Doubly annoying is that I have to wait a week for them to respond before I can relist or offer it to one of the other bidders.

Do we really need a thread dedicated to moans and negativity? Is there not enough of that floating around in our lives already?


It helps to say / write things. I’m a beacon of positivity though and have serious difficulties writing down something negative :slight_smile:

What a joyful day.

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Exactly. The thread is ridiculous. When we have people worrying about heating their houses we get a few old men mithering on about silly little things upsetting their lives. It’s all rather sad.


Well at least we know what they had for breakfast!

Just been asked by SWMBO to remove my speakers from the photo of our Granddaughter that she took…

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I agree here. I think the scope of this thread and the negative tone of the title may be asking for trouble. We already have the “Things I’ve done in the last 24 hours” thread and I think that’s wide enough scope to cover the good, the bad and hopefully not so much that’s ugly.