What's next?

Dear all,

I have a NDX2 + NAC202 + NAP200 with Apertura Armonia.
What should be my next move? Add a XPS to the NDX2? Change the NAC202 for a 282? Change the NAP200 for a 250? Or any other suggestions.
Thanks for your help.
I really enjoy this forum.


I would add an XPS DR its a big uplift in sound quality…source first for me.

Hicap dr & ensure a good rack.

My kids dream to go to Paris again in the future by the way.


Hi-Cap and NAPSC on the amplification at minimum.

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Welcome Olivier

XPS first
282 second
250 third

XPS will give your current system a huge uplift . Live with that upgrade for quite sometime, no need to rush for second and third

All about the music

Best wishes

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Although, when taking the 3rd step (250) you will also require a seperate power suppy for the 282 (Hicap DR, ScDr). 250 might be a better 4th step.
Not sure if you can continue to use the 200 as a power supply for the 282 when using the 250 as a power amp.

My bad forgot to tell I have a HiCap …

Hi Olivier

If you have a Hicap IMO you have already suggested the right choice. Either XPS for the NDX2 or a 282. Can you get a demo on both options and see what you prefer?

You have the usual next steps sorted but for another suggestion the NDX2 would work well with a 252/Supercap but cost a lot more. Even here you might personally prefer the sound of a 282.

If you decide the PSU/NDX2 is best now I would still go with a new pre amp before you upgrade to a 250.

Dear all,
First thank you all for your time and great advices.
I will get a demo and hear what I prefer: XPS or 282. I might also try new loudspeakers… I will keep you updated.

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Sometimes it depends on what is available if you are buying ex demo/2nd hand and the funs available. I put an XPS on my HDX last year and changed speakers at the same time as a pair of 805d3s were available ex demo. The XPSDR provides a greater depth of detail. This year I have added a hicap dr to my 202 and then in the last week bought a 282. The 282 is considerably better is every department than the 202 (good amp though that is) and I can thoroughly recommend it. Every kind of music is played with aplomb. I am not able to comment on the 250, but understand the DR version is the one to go for.

Hi Claude; Welcome to the Forum! Your 202/200 combo is not really in the league of the NDX-2 or the Armonia. You should now consider 282/250DR if not 252/250DR, before going 252/300DR when funds allow. Nice town you live in - my hometown. :smile:

The more I read the more I am convinced to go for a combo 282/ 250DR :smiley:
Thank you all. Great community.

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You have a HC. Do you have a NAPSC?

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No but how will it help?

XPS. Easy.

And I am not a fan of the 202.


In the UK the 282 would be supplied with a NAPSC power supply to power non audio components. You would also be able use power from the 200 or your Hicap for the audio supply so two supplies needed.

Mikehuescq might be diplomatically mentioning this in case naughty Parisian dealers split up the box.

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Welcome to the forum Oliver!

I believe this has already been mentioned but this is what I would do.

  1. XPS DR
  2. 282 w/HiCap DR
  3. 250 DR

Good luck with your decisions and have fun along the way…


Lol. I’m diplomatically mentioning it because the concept of a 202 operating without a NAPSC is just plain odd. It’s not a huge amount of money but the amplification simply won’t sound right without it. Effectively you’re only getting around 75% of what a 202/200 can do in my view. I doubt I’d have wanted my own until I heard with a NAPSC and HC.

It seems bizarre to me to be contemplating other upgrades without a fundamental building block being in place.

The 282 requires a NAPSC, in addition to the Hicap. With the 202, the NAPSC is optional. So if you’re going to get a 282, maybe just leave the NAPSC for now, otherwise you may be stuck with two.
I don’t think it matters that much whether you get an XPS or a 282 first. Your current system is good enough to show off any source upgrade you make. Personally I decided to upgrade my NDX by adding an external DAC rather than a PSU. Another possible option you could consider, but only you can decide which you would prefer.
Then go for a 250 and you will have a nicely balanced system.
I would leave the speaker upgrade until last, as what works with the upgraded system may be very different to what works for you now. Also, you will have a wider choice as the 250 will drive speakers that the 200 would struggle with.

nDAC (or Hugo should I also type) is a must on NDX. NDX-2 is probably another story.