Whats on the Muso ... in demo mode?

Hi I was instore looking at the Muso … can anybody tell me the wat the 6 tracks are that are available on demo?

I’ll ask my Naim Records colleagues, as they put these together - will get back with a list.

Thanks I forgot to shazam that them…

Here you go

I was contemplating the Mu So for a Soundbar for TV. Unfortunately all the “set” demo arrangements are the five music tracks. I was keen to hear the sound from a TV via the HDMI arc. I’d asked the JL rep, who said the setup is arranged by Naim and they can’t change this demo setup. Just a thought.

They can switch the Mu-so from demo to standard mode (and back again) to hear it with other sources: this is in their training…. Though refresher training etc hasn’t been the easiest in COVID times, so I’ll give them benefit of doubt re knowing that

Hi Clare, that’s very interesting - I’m sure many purchases of the Mu So are not mainstream Naim users, so to be able to hear direct feed from TV HDMI arc would reinforce the fantastic sound and versatility of the unit.

Of course I do recognise the difficulties of any refresher training in these Covid times

Thankyou so much!!!

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