What's the consensus on cabling? Also, I'm loving my Naim gear!

Make sure the remote softkey is set to CD. Then press and hold PROG - you then get a choice between DIN (O) or RCA Phono (oo) or both (not recommended for best performance). Toggle between them by pressing PROG, then press and hold to exit.

Sorry BF, I don’t know, I made my own.

How are you going to fit 2 8mm diameter cables into a single Cannon X connector?

Ok, the DIN Cable works. I selected ‘BOTH’ on the cd player and compared the DIN cable to my RCA interconnects. At first, it seemed they sounded the same. But, the more I listened, the DIN started to sound more refined and more balanced. Perhaps a little blacker in background as well (i.e. lower noise floor?). RCA’s started to sound somewhat bloated after a while and not as defined and punchy in the bass. I’m tempted to try the NACA5’s but that’s a greater investment to just “try” some cable. I wish I could demo a pair.

I’m just going ahead with the analogue rca/rca. thanks.

I have the XS2 and the biggest improvements, have been #1 the Bluenode 2i and #2 the NACA5 speaker cables.

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What RCA connectors are you plannig to use?

My recommendations are:
MS Audio Starline

In each case the gold plated option for compatibility with the sockets (and not silver due to the inevitable accumulation of silver sulphide on the surface).

Xanthe, will be getting the cable and connectors (Neutrik Pro-fi) from Redco. Thanks for the connector recommendations.

I would advise caution on the Neutrik Profi plugs, they simply aren’t up to the standard of the cable. Using them will ultimately limit the audio quality of the connection and partially negate the advantages obtained by using W2947.

If cost is an issue, I can thoroughly recommend the MS Audio plugs (they are a partial clone of the OLD Eichmann Bullet plugs).

Thanks for the professional advice. Much to learn.

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