Whats the Mu-So Qb contender at half price?

For a teenager with limited budget, say half of Qb new. ?

How about a Qb secondhand?


Do you need a fully fledged streamer, or just a Bluetooth speaker? Given that this will presumably be controlled from a phone you might get better value from a portable speaker. The Kef Muo springs to mind as an example, but there is loads of choice out there.

Yes, Kef and smartphone is a good call.

Maybe something a bit larger than Muo
Mains & battery would be nice.

You might want to look at the Audio Pro range. They are often compared with Sonos and seem to win on SQ but Sonos has a much better app. I have not done the comparison myself, but am thinking about getting one for our new summerhouse at the bottom of the garden.


There’s a 2nd generation one on EBay for £550 at present

For what it’s worth, have just bought a Sonos One SL for casual listening. Considering it was just £179 the SQ is excellent. To add to that the Sonos app on my iPhone works flawlessly. OK, the SL doesn’t quite match my gen 1 MuSo, but it was a fraction of the price!!

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I think for a teenager, a Sonos is a much better idea than a second hand Qb.

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Yes, the Muo is more a portable thing. The Kef LSX caught my eye as a wireless speaker system too, as it’s a proper stereo pair but similar price to a QB.
There’s loads of stuff out there from the usual suspects like Bose, B&W, Ruark and Sonos, hard to know where to start.

Asking a bunch of old men what is suitable for a teenager isn’t really a good idea.:cat:


My kids both love the JBL range of bluetooth speakers

Sonos One not portable not Bluetooth, eh…?

Got my son a first generation QB a few years back and allowed him to demo it against the Sonos all his friends had. Only one winner and we/he have never regretted it. I consider it a gateway drug. He’s getting better at hearing his stuff on that; comparing it to the main system and identifying the aspects he likes or doesn’t in each system.


I have the Sonos move which I like. It has a thin charger stand and u can pick it up and carry it anywhere. Charge lasts a good while

Have a look at the Cambridge Audio Yoyo (L).

I’ve only heard the (M), but thought that was good value for money. The (M) is nice as a stereo pair, but the (L) is closer in design and functionality to the Qb.

There is 10/10 review of the Dali Katch G2 by Ed Selley which has just appeared on avforums. Selling for £330 which is in your price range and I suspect may be ideal for your teenager

I have both Yoyo (L) and (M). (M) had rather poor SQ and battery in one speaker died way too soon. The (L) is good and I’m still using it as a soundbar - but has buggy software and my unit emits a faint wheezing noise until it warms up. They are very good looking units - but not even in the same league as the Qb 2 I currently own.

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But also half the price, hence suggesting it to the OP.

Sonos has its wonderfull app, which streams their own Sonos radio with music in different genres.

Sound quality:
Listened to the Sonos Move and the Harman Kardon Citation 200, and i thought the HK sounded better.

So for a portable i would choose between those two, for me HK better sound, Sonos better app.

We will look into a Sonos and maybe a B&W, as these are available locally.