What's the next bit of gear you're planning to buy in 2024?

Fully committed to the OC range.

Following comments elsewhere that the NC range has gained detail but lost “guts” and because I love the OC SQ so much, I find myself contemplating continuing down that rabbit hole, replacing my HICAP (itself a correction from the previous substitute whose provenance we shall not mention in fear of being cast into the everlasting fires of hell by the Richard), with a SUPERCAP DR. If funds stretch to replacing the 282 with a 252 later on, so be it.

There will then no doubt follow another short period of “that’s enough money spent on HiFi. This is me now” followed in due course by the return of the inevitable itch.

Auld Lang Syne everybody.


I bought the Melco S1-38 server earlier this year. It has a provision for an external clock which might be my next upgrade……due some time 2024.


Barring a tragedy, I have no plans to upgrade my Naim boxes. I do however plan to continue my deep dive into the LP12 rabbit hole. Next up is either going from ARad2 to KRad2, or upgrading my Stageline to who knows what. Will seek advice when the time comes.

Also upgrading my media storage room from a 10’x7’ room to a 12’x11’ room. It will need more shelving and possibly I’ll put my second system in there.


I might investigate how having two NPX300s improves the SQ of my 222. Maybe a powerline or 2 might sneak into the home. A new arm cable for the LP12 is the most likely though.


Planning…? Nothing.

See what turns up, is more like it… Maybe a Supercap, ideally an Olive one… :thinking:

An nDAC is another idea… :astonished:

Oh… and a new(er) DV 10X for my LP12.


Several alu parts. Crossover parts. Eversolo streamer.

No planned purchases in 2024 but of pure curiosity, I will borrow a 222 from my dealer and compare it with my 272.

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That won’t end well for your wallet! :innocent:

ATB and Happy New Year, J


At a sensible point of the year, a NAP 300 DR… “Sensible…. Remember Neil, sensible!”


Maybe, finally, another pair of speakers ???

As always, it maybe depends on other things that might need doing around the house and available budgets.


I’m an Old Classic guy, but probably need a replacement for my 272, at least in the long run…:innocent: Happy New Year, B

ND555 would be fun :partying_face:

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I hope to purchase either a 222/300/250 or a 332/250 and a ‘temporary’ streamer (maybe Pulse or ND5 XS2 with a Qutest), as my budget won’t stretch to a 333 just now. I plan to upgrade my speakers in early 2025.

Lost guts?! Not what I’m hearing!


I’m planning the same as for 2023. Supercap DR for the Superline (possibly for the 282) and 555 PS for the NDX2. Had opportunities during this year but didn’t act on them for various reasons, one it sounds very nice as it is!

Yes that sounds like my perspective as well :slight_smile:

Knowing how much you love the ES14s finding different speakers will be quite a job. Speakers generally are a lot more difficult than anything else.

On my side besides possibly speakers there will definitely be LP12 upgrades and I won’t exclude upfront any changes in the Naim boxes.

That will also depend on whatever brilliant new unforeseen products will become available to us in 2024, in that respect this year was quite invigorating.

In any case also the home Wifi network will need a refresh after 3,5 years so am looking into that as well. A balancing act between what is truly optimum and what is reasonably feasible and workable.

Looks like also 2024 won’t be a boring year.

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And each year ahead, in time, is always an optimistic opportunity.

Haven’t we both had an interesting 2023 year in music and hifi…?
It’s been a pleasure to share the journey with you.

Good luck for 2024 @daddycool

Any of the following, s/h, if the price is right:

  • Hicap
  • 282
  • 300
  • B&W HTM4D2 in cherrywood
  • B&W 825 in cherrywood

I’ve been looking out for the last two for some time - it’s surely only a matter of time!


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My next item is a proper unit for my tv and hifi boxes. I currently have to lean a lot to see all my tv so I want a taller better quality unit. Considering the hifi racks slimline podium unfortunately I’d have to get a custom size. Also looking at other options.

If by some miracle an ndac appears at my dealers I would of course jump to get a demo. If second hand ndx2 price dropped down so that in trading in my nd5 xs2 it would cost similar to an ndac then I’d consider that as an audition option.

I’m also looking into music storage options, this has lead me into looking at storage for other digital stuff (photos/files) but I don’t know if that will be a 2024 thing or further out.


Once the funds are in place new speakers

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