What's the next model that I can try ? NAC 82+NAP180

Hi Naim Community

I’m listening with below system.

Main System : NAC82 / NAP180 With Hi-Cap (Class A Serviced Pre:2020/ Amp : 2022)
Streamer: NDX 2 with XPS external power
Speaker: rogers LS5/9 with 5m Van-Damme cables.

I’m usually love to listening the old pop but sometimes enjoy the newly pop also.
Some 40-50 percentage of the pop and songs that I listen is doesn’t seem to match the olive amplifier well. (lack of the bass thing and rough high freq in some)

So I’m looking forward the next gen of the olive series.
Which one is most-recommened series than I had.

I want to replace the PRE and AMP but except the NDX2 and XPS power
Would you recommend the what are my options?
supernait ? nac282+nap250.2 or DR ?
The Olive nap250 would seem to be the best option… Hmm

Kind Regards,
Lian Choi

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Get the 250, it’s the ideal match for your preamp. The Supernait is a downgrade.
The Olive 250 would be a great match, although the 250.2 and the 250DR both drive more demanding speakers.
Buy older models with care, many are in need of service or have unauthorised mods which can change their sound.


Thank you for your advice !

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When I had a NAC82, I was using it with 2 x HiCap. Swapping these for a SuperCap was one of the most ‘WOW’ moments I’ve experienced on the audio journey. I’d recommend you try that, possibly before a NAP250 or 2 x NAP135. It would also open the door to a NAC52 in the future.


Same here when I had my 82 the Supercap was a massive step up .


I have an NAC82, with 2 HiCaps and an NAP250.

Guess what I would suggest… ??

A 250. Any 250 - but either be sure its been serviced in the last 8 to 10 years, by Naim - or Class A - OR get it serviced.

250’s (and anything above) have a slightly great need for and/or may benefit more from servicing, due to their regulated design.


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