When things go wrong!

So I picked up my Atom HE and Focal Clear Mg’s yesterday. Got home, set everything up and was fitting some cable protection to the HE’s power cable (because one of my cats has a tendency to chew certain cables - usually nice soft ones). It took a couple of minutes and when finished I turned round to see one of my cats chomping through the Clear’s nice and soft balanced XLR cable. I hadn’t even used them!

I’ve ordered a new cable today, £149. Easy come easy go😳



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My meze classics are visually ruined by the previous cat. He used the nice wooden shells to bite a bit. Luckily only visual damage, but I can’t sell them on when I finally get Focal headphones (which I want).

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Rabbits can be just as bad.

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When we had dogs, not a chair or table leg was left unscathed. All antiques that had been in the family for about 250 years. All gnarled messes. Dog chewed a classic computer to bits too.

When I was about 13, one dog literally chewed my woodshop homework to pieces. When I said “My dog ate my homework,” I got detention for a month.


Nothing prepared me for kids. They are so much worse than any dog or cat. They haven’t chewed through hifi cables, but they have destroyed everything else.

Get your cat that T-shirt that reads, “I’m the reason we can’t have nice things”