Where are "UPNP PLAYLISTS" on the new NAIM app?

(My streamer is an ND5XS 2.)

Before downloading the new Naim app last fall onto my iPad, I thought I’d check it out first so loaded it onto a spare iPad.

A feature I use a lot on the old app is 'UPNP PLAYLISTS" to bookmark interesting tracks from my NAS library. This link appears not to exist on the new app—in its place is one called simply ‘PLAYLISTS’ and they are not UPnP tracks. (In case anyone is wondering, the iPad onto which I installed the new Naim app is an iPad mini and is a newer model than the one I usually use.)

So—as far as I can tell—my UPnP favourites are not accessible on the new app. I’ve thoroughly checked all the app’s options and menus to no avail. I also wrote Naim support asking about the issue. I received a reply that said 1) they had no idea why I couldn’t see my UPnP playlist and 2) perhaps I could change some preferences on my QNAP TS-220 to get it working.

Today I took a good look at the myriad of options on the QNAP’s controls/preferences and am stumped.

Has anyone else had this issue? Thanks in advance for any comments, advice, etc.

In the meantime, I will continue to use the old Naim app.

Nick in Calgary AB

I don’t really use Upnp, but on Android I can go to Servers > Asset > some album > some track > 3 dots menu > New playlist, to create one; or pick one that exists to add to it.

Then when I go to the Home screen of the app, there is a tab Playlists, and there they are, labeled with the UPnP logo

If you mean playlists that you created on the app, they are stored locally on the app on that device so that different users can keep their own playlists separate.
You can manually transfer a playlist to a new device by playing it, then opening the app on the new device and saving the queue as a new playlist.

OK, both replies make sense now. The new app transfers everything but the UPnP Playlists.

Thanks, Suedkiez and ChrisSU! Your advice helped me figure out how to deal successfully with the issue.

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