Where can I find this CD?

@bruss my pleasure, I’m glad you like it! Keep enjoying your system. Unluckily I’ve never listened to a Nait 2, I wonder how it compares to my Exposure 3010S2 D.

@AndyP thank you, that’s good news to hear. I’ve never heard of 7 Digital prior to my search for this album. I was only aware of Qobuz, HD Tracks, Apple and Amazon HD.


@blacknote if you a paying downloader - these are my goto sites - all are pucker and again worth a cross check or when seeking that elusive album

Juno Download
Presto Jazz


Thank you @AndyP , that’s a very useful list. Do you think the audio quality is comparable? If not, who are the best in your opinion?

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They are all proper in terms of quality Highresaudio do only Hi Res the rest do a combination of 16bit and Hi Res. We’ll forget about mp3.

I’m a big buyer of downloads so if I can save a few pounds on each trawl it helps. Sometimes there is a considerable saving to be had.

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I don’t even consider mp3 (excellent format but not for a proper listening session), I’ve always used FLACs but few months ago I started using WAVs. The difference isn’t night and day, but the sound is more refined, more organic and the soundstage improves (I’m using an NDX2).
I usually go for CDs as I prefer to have a physical format, however it’s nice to know that there are alternatives if CDs aren’t available. I agree, better to save if possible.

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@bruss I forgot to ask you one detail (if I may bother you again)… does Amazon HD sell the album in WAV or FLAC?

I haven’t searched for a cd. Just streamed on Amazon HD as I am a subscriber. Many of the streamed items are not available on cd.

Edit. Apparently not here in France

I could be wrong; I think you have to be a subscriber to access Amazon hd music.

@bruss @robert_h I thought AmazonHD sold digital albums as well, I misunderstood then, it’s just a streaming service to subscribe to. So in the end the only options to buy the digital album are iTunes and 7 Digital (or Amazon if you dare to buy the mp3 version). Also here in Italy many streamed albums aren’t available on CD, I notice that too. How sad that is!

There is a nice review in jazztimes.com of this recording.

@Rafael if you like jazz fusion, you should definitely listen to this album, I find it fantastic and has such a groove IMO. In this album there are some great musicians such as Dave Weckl, Mike Stern, Randy Brecker, Gary Meek, etc.

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It is in Tidal, listening to it now.

@Rafael let me know if you like it and what you think of it.

Tom Kennedy and Dave Weckl, Stories, 2019.

I like it, I am listening to it a second time on this sunny Saturday morning in Milan.

Kennedy and the gang sound like a meeting of friends intended to have fun. Each friend has a bit of space and time to put their instrument to play, not in a showy way, but in an orderly fashion that looks designed to demonstrate many sessions of rehearsal and the understanding that the team is above the individual.

You may agree or not, but I feel this is a bit too civil and polite.

Why Stories is the title album I don’t know, I don’t think Stories is the best track. And it goes off like if they don’t know how to finish it, which I don’t like. Probably a manager selected the title.

There is a drummer (Dave Weckl) working hard in Don’t Forget Your Jacket, is this a reference to Terence Fletcher in Whiplash? Again in a too polite way if at all.

Very nice sound overall, in my opinion the special mention goes to the engineers. Where this was recorded?

Now listening to Points of View of 2017. Many thanks @Blacknote.

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@Rafael. It’s always interesting to hear a different perspective. I agree that it feels very organic, surely in this case the team is above the individual. As far as I know, Kennedy and Weckl have been working together since they were teenagers, so they understand each other pretty well.

I didn’t feel it was too civil and polite, of course we have a different music taste, so it’s normal.

I have no idea about the story behind the track names and the title of the album. Best tracks for me are, in no particular order, “Hurry up”, “Elements”, “The 70s”; “Don’t forget your jacket” is nice too. I wouldn’t compare this track to Whiplash as they are two different jazz subgenres (at least I perceive them this way). Who knows maybe you are right, it could be a reference to Whiplash of course, I’ve never thought of that.

The album seems to be well recorded indeed, on Discogs it’s reported this:

All songs written and arranged by Tom Kennedy (PKTK Music-ASCAP)
Tom Kennedy, at Euphoria Studios and TK Sound (NYC)
Dave Weckl , at The Garage (Los Angeles,CA)
Jay Oliver , at Studios 88 (St.Louis,MO)
Chris Stone , at Sony Tree Studios (Nashville,TN)
Richard Bryant , at RV Production (Monterey,CA)
Ada Rovatti, at HamptonSound Studio (East Hampton NY)

I haven’t listened to “Point of view” yet, I had just a quick preview and felt it was very different from “Stories” if I’m not mistaken. I’m waiting for the new album to come out, it’s called “New start”. By the way I’m glad if you found this artist interesting overall.

If are you interested, there’s a video on Weckl’s YT channel where he talks about his part in this album. I find it fascinating to get a glimpse of what’s behind an album.

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