Where did the 'Cancel this account' box go?

It was clearly visible in the registration window when the new forum saw the light, then it disappeared. Having to ask the moderator to be removed is not always a serene option: one should be free to leave with his hands as easily as he or she, with his or her hand, clicked ‘register me’.
I am curious to know if I had a vision or if the forum creator(s) had an afterthought. Thanks.



Perhaps they could introduce a NAIMxit button for elegant departures?

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I believe that Chicago is more beautiful than cold, so I wish I could come over and discuss all sort of silly trivia in a nice restaurant with you. Now please cover yourself adequately if you go out and take care of your back. As for my question, I answer by myself: the last to use the ‘cancel this account’ was probably HH, then they decided to remove it. I still think one shouldn’t be bound to beg for dismissal. Not that I want to: Naimiac is long gone, HH has retreated, the dirty job that somebody’s gotta do is now steadily in my hands. Have a good evening, my frozen friend.

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Well, I didn’t expect the 3500 irreplaceable replies to the ‘ND555: first impressions’ thread, but at least a sign of acknowledgment that a question had been posed would have been appreciated. I humbly insist that there may be people who’d prefer to retreat discretely and without the need to ask for permission.

I am not necessarily talking about myself, but may I remind, for the second time, that the same easiness allowed to register should be equalled by that to leave?


Max, a simple message to Naim is all that’s required.

And to help explain what you saw a “cancel this account” button at the beginning, and then it disappeared, Discourse give new members this option but it goes once you make two posts. Their reasoning is that it allows a new member, who signs up but then realises it was a mistake, to remove themselves without any further action or contact with the administrators. It goes after two posts to prevent a member from accidentally removing themselves along with all their posts.


thanks for both replies. I hadn’t noticed I had already posted twice before I asked myself ‘what about if I decide to leave?’. Am I sleep posting into the new forum?


On second thought, a button with your password would prevent from accidental self-canceling all but the silliest ones, which would be a double benefit for the whole forum.


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I really can’t see anything wrong with a simple e-mail to Naim, asking that your account be closed and all your posts be removed… They might seek confirmation that it really is you (and not some imposter) before implementing your request, but I doubt if it will feel like a Spanish Inquisition !


I have expressed no intention to close my account so far. I only posed a question about an option that disappeared. I had an answer (after asking twice), I replied that a password to add to the button would have simplified all and made joining as discreet as leaving, and vice versa. What I can’t see is your interest in all this. Nothing personal. BTW, removing all a leaving poster’s posts would be mere idiocy, leaving pages with ample meaningless sequences of unrelated posts. Still nothing personal.

HH, as far as I can gather from the other plaice, just decided not to travel and to the best of my knowledge all his posts on the old forum stand.


My comment wasn’t directed at you Max. It was a general comment. Just easier to use the words “you” rather than the more difficult impersonal word “one” (rather like The Queen). I have used the “one” option in this post to avoid further confusion.

My interest in all this is purely academic. It’s an open forum and all (polite) contributions are normally welcomed. Even if they don’t align with the OP’s point of view. Nothing personal.

I’m sure the option exists for someone who wishes to leave the Forum to either simply “disappear”, leaving all posts intact. Or, to ask for all his/her posts to be removed. Both arrangements were in place on the old forum IIRC. And yes, I agree with you, that leaving and deleting all one’s posts would leave meaningless sequences of unrelated posts. Whether that amounts to idiocity is a matter of opinion. The reason for leaving might render such action sensible.


sorry for the row of misunderstandings. I remain of my opinion but now I understand yours better. And please never mind my occasional rawness. I’ll never become #1 member, but I will get over it.


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