Where has all my album art gone?

I usually stream to my Atom HE from Windows 11 Media Player playlists and it’s worked fine since I bought the Atom earlier this year.
About a week ago I noticed that Album Art was not appearing on the Atom display either from an album or playlist - just a blank display.
The album details appear when I’m close to the unit, but no album art from any track or album.

I’ve tried clearing the Image Cache and Rebuild Music Database on the app, but still no art.
I also tried going back to factory settings on the Atom - still no art

Looking at the Naim app - all of the album art is displayed on my mobile, but nothing on the display of the Atom.
All album art also appears on my PC via Media Player

If I play a track from the SSD connected to the Atom (which is an exact copy of my music database on my PC), album art is displayed, but anything streamed from Media Player no longer displays album art.

Any suggestions please?

I believe these options are for the internal media server in the atom itself for attached storage devices. I’d look at media server on your pc. Do you restart this or is it permanently on?

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You may have done this already - but just in case: -

Open the Naim App for your Atom. Open Settings. Open Other Settings. Open Display. Ensure that “Turn off display during playback” is NOT active.

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Thanks both -

yes I assumed the App settings are for the App only, but I thought I’d try as I couldn’t understand why it was fine one day and all gone the next day.
I turn my PC off every night - never left on or in sleep mode.
I agree Media Player is likely the source of the problem but I don’t know the cause or remedy atm.

It’s not the Display Off during playback setting as album art is displayed is displayed if I play from the attached SSD. But I did double-check and it isn’t enabled

PS - should also mention I have deleted and rebuilt the Media Player database and deleted the Image cache within Windows - it’s made no difference

IMO the Image Cache option applies to all media that the device plays. There was a bug recently in Asset UPN which cause some corruptions in the images. Once the Asset fix was installed, the problem stayed until I selected this option.

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Thanks for that.
I used CD Ripper from dbPowerAmp which is excellent, so I tried Asset UPNP.
It didn’t integrate well with Windows Media Player - it said every track was of an unrecognisable format!? - all tracks are in flac format.
It does however play all tracks.
And the album art appears on my Atom - hooray!!!

I then went back to using Media Player without Asset and… IT WORKED!! all the album art is back.

I have no idea what happened or why, but it has worked
Thanks very much!

Asset and Media Player are totally separate. There is no integration between them. For streaming to Naim, Asset is much better than Media Player.

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Thanks HH
I’m a bit confused now.
If I run Asset UPNP all I get is -

And that’s it.
I can’t see any music tracks - just the Config window
When I opened Media Player it appeared, so I thought that was how it’s used.
Is there something else I need?


You won’t see the tracks in Asset, because Asset is a upnp server. It sends the info to the Naim streamer. If you want to edit the tracks you use dBpoweramp or similar.

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Thanks HH - so this is something I can only use from my mobile phone and not my PC?
I find it so frustrating that these days software doesn’t seem to have any associated instructions as to how to use it.

I’ve just tried playing something today on the Atom and all the album art is gone again :frowning: Even if I play a track from the SSD attached to the Atom there’s no art whereas previously album art from the SSD was displayed

You use the Naim app to tell your upnp server what to play. As you have found, you can see it on your phone.

If your collection isn’t too big, you can simply use the SDD, and control things via the app. The only downside is that you must move the SD from the Atom to the conputer when you want to add things.

The better alternative is to put your music on a NAS, load Asset on that, and control everything from the App. That way, you don’t need your computer running in order to listen to music.

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Cheers HH
The big drawback using the SSD is that when I have to do a factory reset on the Atom all playlists and favourites are lost and I understand it’s not possible to backup playlists and favourites from the Atom.
That’s why I was using Media Player to create and maintain playlists.
I don’t have an alternative on my PC.

My PC is on throughout the day so it makes sense to use that and not add more storage hat I shouldn’t really need

A more reliable way to create and manage playlists is to do it on the UPnP server, so that they then appear in the Server input along with album, artist and other categories. These can then be backed up, and they will appear on any streamer you use. It’s not as convenient as using the Naim app, but they are not subject to loss or corruption.

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Windows Media Player can be used to browse and play content from an Asset server.

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Thanks guys
Yes, the reason I create and maintain playlists in Media Player is that everything gets backed-up on a weekly basis. I can also play those playlists I created in Media Player via the Naim app.
It’s all great until something goes wrong :slight_smile:

Asset does appear as one of the Other Libraries in Media Player alongside the Atom.
All my albums are there but the composer field is blank for every track
It also thinks every track is in an unrecognisable format - that’s the blue dot by each track, but the tracks do play.

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