Where has the Track Radio function on the Naim app taken you?

i was just listening to the wonderful track The Door by Mathias Eich.

on a whim I clicked on the ‘Track Radio’ function on the Naim app, something I’d never tried before.

50 tracks appeared, of which I knew 4 well, and have heard about 10.

almost all of the tracks are from the ecm label :label:

I am a recent convert to ecm, and found this a novel way to branch out and explore more of their catalogue

So I fojund the track Starlings by Vijay Iyer.

Then the excellent track Break Stuff, which I enjoyed even more than I had previously.

I wonder whether anyone else uses this function and has stumbled on any good discoveries through it…?

I have never tried the ‘Track Radio’ function and will have to see if I can find it…

Yes it’s right there on the Naim app.
I just opened The Return of Per Ulv by Terje Rypdal.
‘Track Radio’ is right underneath ‘Go to Album’.

I rather enjoy trying to decode the algorithm that functions like Track Radio operate by.

So I always wonder whether it’s personalised, I.e. whether it responds to my patterns of listening :ear: or not?

And I wonder how it selects the 49 other tracks, does it do that based on the listening habits of Naim app users, or of some other group - or based on input from the content providers?

And does it change over time? If it is based on Naim app users listening patterns then the list will change As the weeks go by.

It’s also interesting to just listen to a track without looking up what it is, and see if you like it.

If you d like it, try listening to the whole track before checking what it is.

It’s a different style of listening…

Never noticed this before … does it rely on Tidal?

Oh yes I think it must be Tidal’s answer to Roon radio … or is it vice versa?

Ah so the Naim app just imports it from Tidal?

Thanks that helps to understand what it is.

Tidal is my sole source…

I never actually look at the Tidal app.

Yes, it’s like Roon Radio I suppose, although have never used Roon.

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