Where have all the NC posts gone?

Perhaps I may not be looking in the right place, or it might just be my imagination, but the previously quite intense debates around the NC 200 and 300 Series appear to have dissipated, almost to vanishing point?

Is no one buying any more new NC kit, or adding PowerLines and SL XLR interconnects #justaskin #justthinkinaloud :grinning:

Or, of course, I may be just plain wrong :joy:


The new 222 and NC 250 brought me back to Naim.
I see some price compresssion happening already in the US as the $9k per brick price tag is rather.hefty.

That said, I’m eyeing an NPX 300….

The threads still exist if that’s what you mean. But NC isn’t really new now as far as products go. It’s just BAU now.

Judging by the system pics threads, people are switching over to NC in droves. Though a lot of the pics of NC are new users (not all). I expect the new clientele is somewhat wealthier than those of us who barely managed to afford old classics a decade ago.


as fz says things have settled down now - it happens with all new kit = i am hoping that the low number of problem threads on nc means that it will be easier to live with than some of the more demanding oc kit
very happy 222/350 user - no wifi probs so far 4 months and counting

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Even I’m curious if Naim release a 100 range or not, new integrated Naits or not, new Uniti’s or not…

I can’t see myself being a future customer.
Their stuff is simply too expensive along with the well known service complications.
My last Naim purchase was a Nait 50 and I live happy without modern streaming.

Naim somehow need to find new clients.

We are so busy enjoying our music with our NC system we forget to post :grinning: :wink:


I am sure Naim would welcome new clients or owners. But its their choice if or how they do that - or not.

I would perhaps think there might be a pause, after all the NC was introduced, before more may appear.

But… YMMV… :expressionless:

well known service complications?
I am sure we are not going to see a 100 range. This is uniti territory, and both uthe Uniti range and the Mu-so range will attract some users to Naim. I have not even understood the latest addition multi room devices but they hopefully will work for some users.

Neither have I.
Maybe I pay too little attention to marketing blurp.

Even its sometime amusing reading, I noticed Quad have recently adopted the word “REIMAGINED”
Hope its correct spelled, tools in the marketing world seem endless.

Btw those multiroom boxes looks great too.

You would not regret adding an NPX 300 to your NSC 222…… aside from the cost :smirk:.

I went through exactly that process.


Everybody is now talking about wanting to buy a CD player…


And complaining that Naim only offer the one, CD5si, now :smirk:.

I think part of the problem is that the cost of a true audiophile CD player/transport doesn’t (financially) compare well to a streamer/DAC of similar capabilities.

Of course there’s exceptions, but for 99% of the people 99% of the time etc………


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I believe that Per May well be referring to the difficulties in sending kit from Europe to the factory in Salisbury, mainly thanks to the U.K. leaving the EU. Of course, impossible to discuss that one further without stepping into politics, which we don’t want on here…


And that is happening sooner or later.
The revival will be different to turntable and vinyl though.
Or will it ?
Software is cheaper.
Hardware might be next level for crazy priced hifi kit.